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Revit Structure 2012 Beginner to Advanced Tutorial

This discounted bundle includes:
Beginners Revit Structure 2012
Duration: 7.5 Hours
Video lessons: 117

Advanced Revit Structure 2012
Duration: 7.5 hours
Video lessons: 87
A professionally created, self-study video training course
Includes 15 hours of easy to follow Revit Structure 2012 Beginner to Advanced video tutorials presented by an industry expert.
The training is delivered to your desktop allowing you to learn at a time that suits you and at your own pace.
You can start learning online right away. Sample Revit Structure 2012 Beginner to Advanced tutorial videos by clicking a blue link below:
We hope you enjoyed the free lessons. To view the complete contents, including all lessons below & above, please purchase the course via DVD or Download.
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Contents from Beginners Revit Structure 2012

About This Course
What You Will Accomplish
About The Structure Tutor

User Interface
Application Menu
Options Bar
Viewing And Drawing Area
Project Browser
Properties Palette
Quick Access Toolbar
Status Bar
Zooming Tools

Things You Must Do First
Installing Revit Structure
Project Origin
Reference Planes
Elevation Markers

Linking Revit Files
Linking Revit
Manage Links
Adjusting Views

Linked Levels And Project Levels
Adjusting Level Appearance
Making New Types

Linked Grids And Project Grids
Making Grids
Adjusting Grid Appearance
Making New Types

Preparing The View
Wall Options
Viewing Walls In D
View Cube And D Navigation
Wall Joins
Making New Types

Loading Types
Adding Columns
Detail Level
Move And Copy
Dimensions For Review And Moving

Footings And Foundations
Duplicate View
Wall Footings
Isolated Footing
Edit Type
Edit Wall Profile For Step
Add Stepped Footing Riser
View Range

Loading Types
Adding Beams
Properties Palette

Beam Systems
Loading Types
Set Work Plane
Adding A Beam System
Editing A Beam System

Loading Types
Adding Bracing
Editing Bracing

Floors And Slabs
Make A Slab
Cut A Section View
Make A Structural Floor
Making New Types
Editing The Floor
Floor Slab Edge

Make A Roof
Making New Types
Editing The Roof

Make A Stair
Making New Types
Editing The Stair

Rebar Cover Settings
Loading Types
Adding Area Reinforcement
Adding Path Reinforcement
Placing Rebar

Make A Beam Schedule
Duplicate A Beam Schedule
Sort A Beam Schedule
Filter A Beam Schedule
Add Parameters
Add A Formula
Column Schedule

Views And Sheets
Elevations And Sections
D Section Box
Camera And View Display
Navigating D Views
Managing Open Views
Make A Sheet
Place Views On Sheets
View Scale
Activate Views On Sheets
Crop Region
Sheet List Schedule

Drafting Views
Loading Detail Components
Using Detail Components
Filled Regions
Grouping Details
Detail Lines
Adding Details To A Sheet

Refining Graphics And Printing
Adding Remaining Views To Sheets
Visibility Graphics
Visibility Graphics Of Links
View Templates

Collaboration And Refining The Model
Updating Changes To A Revit Link
Export To CAD
Linking CAD Files
Working With Linked CAD Files
Introduction To Worksharing
Contents from the Advanced Revit Structure 2012
What You Will Accomplish
About The Tutor

Defining Families And Parameters
Defining Families
Defining Parameters

Setting Up Annotation Standards
Template Files
Title Blocks
Title Block Stamp
View Titles
Level And Grid Heads
Elevation Bubbles
Section Bubbles
Callout Bubbles
Line Styles
Materials And Hatching
Object Styles

Starting The Project
Audit And Purge
Project Origin Levels And Grids
Establishing A Starting View

Linking Revit Files
Linking Revit
Copy-Monitor And Coordination Review

Create Phases
Objects And Phases
Views And Phases
Phase Filters
Phase Filter Graphic Overrides
Phase Mapping

View Management
Project Browser Organization
Refining Views On Sheets
View Templates
View Filters

Site Tools
Subregion And Split Surface
Site Component
Label Contours
Spot Elevation
Slope Tag
Graded Toposurface
Net Cut Fill Schedule

Foundation Walls
Walls Review
Wall Footings Review

Floors Review
Sloping Floors
Thickened Slab
Slab Recess In-Place Family

Make A Floor Grate Family
Component Family Rules
Choosing The Template
Laying Out Reference Planes
Adding Labels
Adding Geometry
Making Family Types
Inserting And Testing The Family

Column Review
Load Concrete Column With Drop
Edit Concrete Column With Drop Family
Edit A Column Tag Family

Beam Review
Beam System

Load A Truss Family
Purge And Reload Truss
Make Two Roofs
Attach Truss To Roof
Adjust Beam System
Show Truss On Roof Plan

Structural Standards
Symbolic Cutback Distance
Brace Symbols
Beam Connection Symbols
Column Connection Symbols

Shared Parameters
Graphical Column Schedule Review
Making Shared Parameters
Applying Shared Parameters To A Project

Presentations And Rendering
3D Camera Views
3D Isometric View
Refine Model
Rendering Settings
Online Rendering

Refining 2D Views And Sheets
Rename And Organize Views
View Filter For Footings
View Range For Framing And Slab Plans
Detailing And Annotation Review
Sheets And Printing Review
Save As Template

Work Sharing With Worksets
Work Sharing With Worksets Setup
Using Worksharing With Worksets
Collaborating With Other Consultants
  • Tutor: Jay Polding
  • Duration: 15 hours
  • Video lessons: 204
  • Product code: 01679
  • In stock: YES
Gain a detailed insight into how to use this innovative BIM software to create and share your structural BIM models with the help of these step-by-step Autodesk Revit Structure 2012 tutorials.

Commencing from the absolute basics and continuing to the advanced techniques, expert Structure tutor Jay Polding provides video training on the important tools, the useful features and some valuable workflow techniques that will increase your skills and productivity.

Through over fifteen hours of professionally created video training, the tuition includes a tour of the interface, best practices for using levels, learning grids, detailing explained step-by-step, lessons of phasing, shared parameters and so much more.

The complete list of video training is laid out below and you can start learning right away, click any of the blue linked lessons to sample FREE Revit Structure 2012 training videos and discover just how effective this teaching method is...
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Once purchased, you will receive 204 Revit Structure 2012 Beginner to Advanced training videos (listed left), lasting a total of 15 hours and the working files.

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Training Multiple Users

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For companies and educational establishments wanting multi user access to training resources, we offer this Revit Structure 2012 Beginner to Advanced course to do just that.
Now you can integrate training or technical support within your own computer network, or allow employees or students to gain access to training and support from home or any other location that they can gain access to your organizations network.

The courses can be played over a LAN using a standard browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.
The movies are viewed using Adobe Flash (same method as YouTube) and are slightly compressed in order to not clog the network.
All advanced and the "for dummies" courses are available via this multi user solution and can be copied directly to a hard disk for faster access and the access page may be customized, if needed, using a html editor.

More than one title can exist on your server and the supplied player will automatically show titles that are available.
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