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- See right for full details on this Revit MEP 2012 Tutorial Video

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- For mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) designers, this powerful software, correctly learnt, can prove a hugh feather in your cap and you a major boost for your organization.

Autodesk Revit MEP 2012 Tutorial

 Professionally created, self-study video training.

About this Tutorialshow details
Gain a detailed insight into this powerful BIM software from initial design concept through to construction with the help of these comprehensive Autodesk Revit MEP 2012 tutorial videos. Commencing from the absolute basics, expert MEP tutor Simon Whitbread uses step-by-step video training movies to help explain and demonstrate the uses of the complete toolset, making use of the new features for version 2012, and to provide some great workflow techniques that will help you to work faster and smarter. Through eight hours of professionally created training videos, the tuition includes an overview of the new workspaces, lessons on creating accurate 2D documents, how to build 3D models for BIM, Electrical systems explained, Modeling an MEP system step-by-step, learning Plumbing Systems in MEP and so much more. The complete training course contents are laid out below and you can start learning "RMEP" right away, click any of the blue linked lessons to sample FREE Revit MEP 2012 video tutorials and discover just how effective this teaching method really is...
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Autodesk Revit MEP 2012 Tutorial Video Info
Tutor: Simon Whitbread
Duration: 8.25 hrs / 162 video lessons
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Benefits of this Software Training
  Tuition by expert tutors.
  Narrated training videos demonstrate the key tools and professional techniques helping you to work faster and smarter.
  Learning is fast as the trainers provide a beginners guide using simplistic terms and minimal jargon.
  Personal Tutoring - Step-by-step video training from your own desktop. Delivered via best selling DVD/CD training or online tuition.
  The tutor transfers knowledge to you quickly and effectively.
  All the concepts of each application are explained clearly and precisely.
  Every course works on PC and Mac.
  Alternative to a boring book or manual and expensive training courses, seminars, workshops & classes.
  You can jump to and from lessons allowing you to learn at your own pace.
  The visual and practical nature shortens the learning curve compared to standard training manuals, basic handbooks, and for dummies books.
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FREE Sample Videos from this Course

Viewing Model 2D
Viewing Model 3D
Linking 2D CAD Files - Lesson 1
Linking 2D CAD Files - Lesson 2
Initial Plan Views
Scope Boxes
Mass Model
Heating And Cooling
Mechanical Settings
Modifying Ducts
Parallel Pipes
Automatic Pipe Layouts
Parallel Pipes
Creating Panel Schedules
Guide Grids
Custom Materials

We hope you enjoyed the FREE lessons. To view the complete contents, including ALL the lessons below & above, please purchase the course via CD or Download

Introduction To This Course
Basic Tour
Quick Access Tool Bar And Ribbon
Properties Palette
Project Browser
View Control Bar
The Status Bar
The Options Bar
Visibility Graphics
Customizing The MEP Interface
Working With Views
Keyboard Shortcuts
Using The Included Working Files
File Concepts - Project Files
File Concepts - Family Files
File Concepts - InPlace Families

Basic Creation Tools
Opening Revit MEP Project
Viewing Model 2D
Viewing Model 3D
The Home Tab - HVAC And Mechanical
The Home Tab - Plumbing And Piping
The Home Tab - Electrical

Basic Editing tools
Selecting Elements
Modifying Similar Elements
Use Of The TAB Key
Moving And Copying
Copy And Paste
Rotating Individual
Rotating Multiple
Linear Arrays
Radial Arrays
Extend And Trim
The Align Tool

Starting An MEP Project
Creating A New MEP Project
Linking An Architects Building Model - Lesson 1
Linking An Architects Building Model - Lesson 2
Copy/Monitor Options
Cleaning CAD Files
Linking 2D CAD Files - Lesson 1
Linking 2D CAD Files - Lesson 2
Linking 2D CAD Files - Lesson 3
Saving Your MEP Project - Standalone
Saving Your MEP Project - Work-sharing
What To Do With Coordination Review Message

Controlling Visibility
Initial Plan Views
View Templates
Duplicating Views
Ceiling Plans
Section Boxes
Scope Boxes

Component Families
Out Of The Box Families
Online Families
Your Families
Basic Creation Model
Basic Creation Annotation

Spaces And Zones
Room Bounding Objects
Creating Spaces
Space Separation
Modifying Spaces
Space Tags
Area And Volume Computations
Plenum Spaces
Creating Zones
The System Browser

Building Performance Analysis
Mass Model
Performing Analysis
Building Type Settings
Heating And Cooling
Secondary Analysis

The System Browser
Graphic Overrides
Checking Systems
System Inspector
Duct And Pipe Sizing

Mechanical Settings
Ducts And Mechanical Equipment
Duct Placeholders
Modifying Ducts
Adding And Modifying Fittings
Duct Systems
Automatic Duct Layouts
Mechanical Equipment

Hydronic Piping Systems
Mechanical Equipment
Pipe Placeholders
Parallel Pipes
Modifying Pipes
Sloping Pipes
Adding And Modifying
Pipe Systems
Automatic Pipe Layouts

Plumbing Systems
Adding Fixtures
Parallel Pipes
Modifying Pipes
Sloping Pipes
Fittings And Accessories Tweak
Automatic Layouts

Fire Protection Systems
Modifying Pipes

Electrical Systems
Electrical Settings - Lesson 1
Electrical Settings - Lesson 2 (Voltages)
Cable Tray And Conduit Settings
Placing Lighting Fixtures
Placing Equipment
Placing Devices
Creating Power Circuits
Creating Lighting Circuits
Modifying Cable Tray
Modifying Conduit
Parallel Conduit
Creating Panel Schedules
Editing Panel Schedules

Equipment Schedules
Schedules For Documentation
Schedules For Data Manipulation

Coordination Review
Coordination Interference

Creating Details
Adding Detail Lines
Detailing In 3D
Importing Details
Exporting Details

Setting Up Sheets
Placeholder Sheets
Guide Grids
Tags VsText
Dimensions And Constraints
Revisions Audio Extracted

Planning A Team
User Name
Setup Central File
Local Files
Work-shared File Pitfalls - Opening Central Files
Worksets Are NOT Layers
Display And Ownership
New Local Files

Custom Materials
Custom Lighting
Exporting Images
Modifying Walkthroughs
Exporting Walkthroughs

What Did We Learn
External RMEP Resources
About The MEP Tutor