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Poser 8 Tutorial

A professionally created, self-study video training course
Includes 13 hours of easy to follow Poser 8 video tutorials presented by an industry expert.
The training is delivered to your desktop allowing you to learn at a time that suits you and at your own pace.
You can start learning online right away. Sample Poser 8 tutorial videos by clicking a blue link below:
  • Tutor: Steve Pubrick
  • Duration: 13 hours
  • Video lessons: 240
  • Product code: 016O1
  • In stock: YES
  • Available on: Digital Download
  • Work files included: YES
  • Works on: MS Windows PC & Mac
  • Later course available: Yes, Poser Pro 2014 tutorial
Start to create sophisticated art and life-like 3D human figures using this popular rendering and animation tool with the help the help of this easy-to-follow Poser 8 tutorial. Presented by expert tutor Steve Pubrick, he uses video based training movies to help demonstrate and explain the Poser toolset, recommended workflow's and new features, which will set you on the right path to mastering Poser 8 in a very short space of time. In over 13 hours of professionally created video training, the tuition includes a tour of the interface, how to make use of the editing tools, working with content, using props, lessons on rendering in Poser and so much more. You can view the complete training contents below and start learning right away, click any of the blue linked lessons below for FREE poser 8 video tutorials...
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New Features In Poser 8
New Features In Poser 2010
How to Install Poser 8 Content Libraries

Poser Interface
Poser Menus
Document Styles
Poser Camera Controls
More Camera Details - Changing Scale And Focal Length
Camera Presets
Lighting Controls
Loading Light And Camera Settings From The Library
UI Dots - How to Save Camera And Pose
Handling Viewports
Poser Rooms

Starting Poser And Organizing The Interface Controls
Controlling Cameras
Controlling Lights
Changing The Display Style
Changing Viewport Layout And Tracking Mode
Changing The Document Window Size
Configuring And Saving The Interface
Saving Interface Layouts
Changing Display Units
Accessing Poser Help

The Editing Tools
How to Move And Change Figure Elements
Using The Chain Break Tool
View Magnifier Tool
The Grouping Tool
Morph Tools in Poser
Direct Manipulation Tool
Magnet Deformers
Wave Deformers

Editing And Posing Exercise
Positioning A Figure Within A Scene
Memorizing And Restoring The Figure Position
Name Figures explained
Selecting And Hiding Elements
Using the Editing Tools
Making Use of The Direct Manipulation Tool
Using Parameter Dials in Poser
Modifying Unique Parameters
Creating A Parameter Group

New Library - Working With Content
Open The Library Palette
Float And Navigate The Library Palette
Switch Between Libraries
Search For Content
Set YourLibrary Preferences
Create New Runtime Folders
Add To And Remove Content From The Library
Create A Custom Library Thumbnail
Install Using New Poser 8 Library Features
Install Using Built-in Python Scripts

Library Exercise - Trying What You've Learnt
How to Open And Unlock The Library Palette
Searching The Library
Loading Content From The Library
Loading Light And Camera Settings From The Library
Creating A New Library
Adding A Figure To The Library
Creating A Custom Library Thumbnail
Renaming Library Content
Creating Favorites

The Pose Room - Posing Figures
Moving And Changing Figure Elements
Using Parameter Dials Step-by-Step
Using Symmetry, Limits, Balance And Inverse Kinematics
Animated Poses
Opening The Hierarchy Editor
Hiding Items in The Pose Room

Pose Room Exercise
Replacing The Current Figure With A New Figure
Symmetry Explained
Inverse Kinematics Explained
How to Use The Chain Break Tool
Use The Hierarchy Editor To Hide Elements
Setting A Figure's Parents
How to Add A Figure Pose To The Library

Dealing With Props
How to Use Props From The Library
Load External Props
Add Props To The Library
Use The Editing Tools On Props
Use The Parameter Dials
Drop Props To The Floor
Set A Prop's Parents In The Hierarchy Editor
Replace An Element With A Prop - Disabling The Bend Option
Load Prop Hair
Load Library Prop Clothes
Load Library Conforming Clothes

Optimizing External Props For Use In Poser
Importing Your Props
Selecting And Positioning Props - Duplicating Props
Attaching A Prop To A Figure Element
Making A Figure Element Point At A Prop
Conforming Clothes To A Figure

Animating Characters in Poser 8
How to Animate Using Only Poses
Opening The Animation Controls - Step-by-Step
The Animation Palette Interface Explored
View And Select Keys
Create And Delete Your Keys
Slide And Copy Your Keys
Create A Walk Path
Use The Walk Designer
Use The Animation Graph Interface
Scale The Graph View
Add, Move And Delete Keys
Change The Animation Curve's Shape
Animate Visibility
Use Animation Layers in Poser 8
Create A completely New Animation Set
How to Import Motion Capture Data (BVH Files)

Animating Figures and Scenes
Loading a Background Reference Video, Step-by-Step
Animating Using Keyframes
Examining the Animation Palette
How to Preview the Finished Animation

The Material Room
Using The Shader Window in 8Poser
How to Select Material Groups Using the Material Select Tool
The Simple Material Panel
How to Create Simple Materials
The Advanced Material Panel Examined
Making the Most of Advanced Material Nodes
Using Wacros in Poser 8
Creating Smoothing And Material Groups, Step-by-Step
Applying Atmospheric Effects
Normal Map Support - How to Load Normal Maps

Creating And Applying Materials
Accessing The Shader Window Explained
Loading A Material From The Library
Applying Simple Materials
Showing A Skeleton Beneath Skin
Using Texture Nodes Step-by-Step
Creating A Ghost Material in Poser 8
How to Use A Normal Map
Creating A Striped Material
Using A Lighting Node
The Addition of An Image

The Face Room
The Face Room Interface Explored
Creating A Face From Your Photos
How to Prepare A Face Image For Poser
Utilizing The Photo Lineup Tool
Modifying Texture Variations
Making Use of Face Shaping Tools
Adding The Face To The Figure
Creating A Random Face

Face Room Exercise - Creating A Digital Double
How to Create A REAL Life Face From Custom Photos
The Addition of Texture Variation
Using Face Shaping In Poser 8
Face Shaping/Supplement
Saving, Editing And Loading A Face Texture Map

The Hair Room
Learning The Hair Room Interface - Interface Explored
Growing Hair
Styling Hair
Using Hair Dynamics
Modifying Hair Material

Adding Hair to Your Figure
Creating A Beard
Making A Hair Growth Group
Creating Guide Hairs - Step-by-Step
Using The Hairstyle Parameters
Using The Hairstyle Tool
Calculating Hair Dynamics
Creating Carpet
Creating Grass

The Cloth Room
Getting to Grips Cloth
Creating Cloth Simulation
Creating Cloth Groups
Simulating Cloth Dynamics - Step-by-Step

Dynamic Cloth
How to Create A New Simulation
Creating Cloth
Using Existing Dynamic Dress Prop - Step-by-Step
How to Create Cloth Groups
Converting Conforming Clothes To Dynamic
Calculating A Simulation

The Setup Room
The Setup Room Overview
Make A Prop Into A Figure
Accessing And Editing Existing Bone Structure
Create And Name Bones - Step-by-Step
Grouping Body Parts
Use Inverse Kinematics Explained
Using The Joint Editor - Improved Rigging

Rigging Bones In A New Figure
Figure Doesn't Have To Be A Human Figure
Editing An Existing Set Of Bones
Loading A Skeleton
Creating A New Skeleton
Grouping Body Parts
Creating An IK Chain in Poser
How to Break The Parent-Child Relationship
How to Edit Joint Parameters
Defining Falloff Zones
Editing Parameter Dials
Making Bulging Muscles

The Content Room
Accessing Content Paradise
How to Load Custom Content Via The Content Room And Using Custom Installers - step-by-step
Mac File Structure - Managing Your Files
Windows File Structure - Managing Your Files

Working With Content Files
Loading And Saving A Scene File
Importing A D Object
Exporting A Figure - Lesson 1
Exporting A Figure - Lesson 2
The Addition of New Content
How to Search Content Paradise

Facial Expressions And Animation
Using Expressions in Poser
How to Load Expressions From The Library
How to Create A Custom Expression
Using The Talk Designer Interface - Step by Step
Using With Sounds

Facial Expression And Lip Synching
How to Load An Expression From The Library
Saving An Expression To The Library - Step by Step
Animating A Figure Talking
Adding And Syncing A Sound File

Rendering Scenes And Outputting From Poser
Render Images in Poser 8
Render Panel Controls Explored
Accessing Render Settings
Using The Sketch Designer - Step by Step
Render Animations Explained
Using Rendering Effects - Step by Step
Rendering In Background (POSER PRO 2010)
64-Bit Rendering Engine (POSER PRO 2010)
Network Rendering Queue (POSER PRO 2010)
High Dynamic Range Image Export (POSER PRO 2010)
HDRI Export (POSER PRO 2010)
Exporting BVH Motion Capture Data
Tone Mapping And Exposure Control in Poser 8
Gamma Correction (POSER PRO 2010)
Linear Rendering (POSER PRO 2010)

Rendering in Poser
Rendering An Image Explained
Comparing Your Images
Setting Render Dimensions
Rendering Images In Selected Document Style
Handling Render Settings Explored
Making A Movie Using Best Quality Settings For Video
Making A Flash Movie - Step by Step

Using Poser With Other D Software
Poser With Other Smith Micro Products - Lesson 1
Poser With Other Smith Micro Products - Lesson 2
Poser With Other Smith Micro Products - Lesson 3
COLLADA Import/Export - Lesson 1 (POSER PRO 2010)
COLLADA Import/Export - Lesson 2 (POSER PRO 2010)
Poser Fusion Hosting Plugins Explored (POSER PRO 2010)

Using Poser With Other Software
How to Open Poser Images In Adobe Photoshop
Retouching Images - Post Work
Best Practices for Fixing Holes And Poke-through
How to Filter Images To Give A Unique Look

Making Use Python Scripts
Access Pre-built Scripts
How to Use Wardrobe Wizard
Editing Python Scripts

Python Script
Install rd Party Script - Step by Step
Run Python Script - Rendering Results
Python Scripts Palette Explored
Running Wardrobe Wizard And Convert And Inflate Clothes
Opening A Script For Editing

About The Poser 8 Tutor
Poser 8 Tutor Details
Why I'm Using Poser
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