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Specialist Tutorials - Overview

Autodesk 2015 Courses
Covering all the AutoCAD, Revit and Navisworks applications, these step by step courses show you how to design, draw, create and modify professional drawings and models that will impress your colleagues, clients and employers.
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Anime Studio Pro Tutorials
Start your digital animation education with these comprehensive Anime Studio Pro training videos. Sit back and relax whilst our professional trainers show you how to plan, design and animate a cartoon from start to finish. With the same Anime files included with the online and download purchase as the trainers use, you'll be creating full featured animations in no time.
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Adobe Premiere Elements Tutorials
Learn how to import your video footage, edit it, spruce it up, and share it with the help of these comprehensive instructional videos. Join our expert multimedia trainers as they guide you through all the tools and techniques that are at your disposal in Adobe's consumer video editing program.
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AutoCAD Civil 3D Tutorials
Start to take control of this powerful BIM (Building Information Modeling) application and gain an in-depth understanding of how to apply the innovative tools and features to your own engineering and design projects with the help of this video based training.
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Adobe Photoshop Tutorials
There are over 12 Adobe Photoshop tutorials, which either provide a detailed overview of the application, or offer a specialized angle of Adobe Photoshop. If you need to increase your Photoshop know-how and confidence then these video tutorials are a must!
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Macromedia / Adobe Dreamweaver Tutorials
The ever-expanding range of Adobe / Macromedia Dreamweaver tutorials cover all the aspects of planning, creating and maintaining your web site using this ever popular application. These tutorials are aimed at all levels of skill with the majority assuming the user has no previous knowledge of Dreamweaver. Topics such as table, links, CSS, library items, links, behaviors and more are effortlessly simplified by our expert Dreamweaver authors.
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Macromedia / Adobe Flash Tutorials
Our impressive range of Adobe and Macromedia Flash tutorials offer much flexibility in terms of competence level. For a general overview of Flash it is advisable to take a look at the Flash 8, CS3 or Flash MX for Designers whereas for the advanced user wanting to learn about creating cartoons and animation may like to take a look at the new Flash Video or Flash Animation tutorial. So, from learning all about the basics of Flash to discovering all about actionscripting, you can find all you need from these Flash tutorials.
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Adobe InDesign Tutorials
The Adobe InDesign collection of training titles show you how easy its is to create professional looking page layouts using this powerful application. The four Adobe InDesign tutorials commence with the basics and smoothly progress to the more advanced aspects covering topics such as working with tables and graphics, fonts, using transparency and a whole lot more.
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Adobe Illustrator Tutorials
The Adobe Illustrator collection of training titles aim to provide the user with the confidence to unleash their creative freedom and realize their ideas. They all explain the interface and tools for the respective Illustrator version and describe a number of useful tips tricks and techniques which will make the user feel confident when using Illustrator in a very short period of time.
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Microsoft Tutorials
This collection of Microsoft tutorials include major applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access to name a few. So whether you need help with spreadsheets, databases or creating professional looking word documents you'll find all the help you need in this Microsoft training section.
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Apple Final Cut Pro Tutorials
Learn how to clean, edit and include special sound and video effects to your production with these comprehensive Apple Final Cut Pro tutorials. Let our expert Final Cut Pro authors demonstrate essential topics such as video capture, data import, exporting projects, keyframes and much more, which will transform you into a confident user in the shortest time possible.
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QuarkXPress Tutorials
This powerful page layout application provides industry-leading design, publishing, page layout content management to name just a few impressive solutions from Quark. Our comprehensive QuarkXPress tutorials are aimed at the beginner and intermediate users and will show you how to use all the tools in Quark, combine writing, typography, editing with color and pictures and much more.
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Adobe After Effects Tutorials
Adobe After Effects is simply the essential tool for motion graphics and visual effects. With the help of our After Effects training CDs you'll soon be able to produce visually innovative motion graphics and effects for video, DVD, film and even the web. These Adobe After Effects tutorials typically commence with explaining the basics such as the interface and compositions then smoothly advance to the more advanced topics such as 3D layers and animation.
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Macromedia / Adobe Director Tutorials
Learn how to develop high performance multimedia content and applications for DVD's, CDs, kiosks, and even the Internet with these video Macromedia Director tutorials. Our expert authors guide you from the very basics of this proven multimedia tool and then smoothly progress to explaining more advanced aspects - you'll be designing your own multimedia animations, showcases and even training aids in a very short period of time.
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Microsoft Visual Basic Tutorials
If you really need to get to grips with this versatile language then you may want to take a look at our ever-increasing range of Visual Basic training tutorials. Some of these tutorials are targeted at beginners who need to first grasp the basics before progressing to the more advanced aspects and others are targeted towards those who already have a sound knowledge of Microsoft Visual Basic and have the desire to expand their knowledge.
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Autodesk AutoCAD Tutorials
The mystery of this powerful tool, used primarily for architecture, can be unraveled with this impressive set of AutoCAD tutorials. In each tutorial, the author presumes you have no previous knowledge of AutoCAD taking you through the whole tool set and ensuring you have sound knowledge of the basics before moving on to the more advanced aspects of AutoCAD.
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Autodesk 3ds Max Tutorials
If you want to improve your modeling, animation and rendering skills using this powerful application then you might like to take a look at these popular set of beginner to advanced 3ds max tutorials.
more on these autodesk 3ds max tutorials

Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorials
Discover how to construct amazing presentations that you never thought possible with these comprehensive Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 tutorials. Learn how to create and modify your presentations in a professional manner and even get some advice on the delivery!
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Cakewalk Sonar Tutorials
Get to grips with creating and editing loops, using software synthesizers, tweaking Windows XP for optimization, mixing, recording and a whole lot more and really start to get the most out of this popular AV application.
more on these cakewalk sonar tutorials

Microsoft Operating System Tutorials
Start to take control of your computer with these comprehensive Microsoft Operating systems tutorials. All aspects from installation to administration are covered through the use of step by step video training movies.
more on these microsoft operating systems tutorials

Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials
Gain a detailed insight non-linear editing with these video based Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials and become a confident user in the shortest time possible.
more on these adobe Premiere tutorials

Adobe Creative Suite Tutorials
Learn all about this popular suite of applications with these practical video training on products such as Adobe Fireworks, Acrobat, Premiere Pro, Encore and so much more.
more on these adobe creative suite tutorials

Specialist AutoCAD Training Videos
New in! For those with a good working knowledge of AutoCAD, we now have tuition on AutoCAD 3D and Sheet Sets! And with our certification courses you can take your first steps to becoming AutoCAD certified with the help of these easy to follow video tutorials - all the essential exam objectives are explained and the visual nature of the training will ensure that's what's learnt stays learnt!
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Adobe FrameMaker Tutorials
Start to use this desktop publishing (DTP) and word processing software to a professional standard with the help of these easy to follow, step by step Adobe FrameMaker training tutorials.
more on these adobe framemaker tutorials

Revit MEP Tutorials
Start to take control and really get to grips with the purpose-built tools for building systems design and analysis that this powerful BIM software has to offer with the help of these intuitive Revit MEP tutorials that provide practical and hands on demonstrations.
more on these autodesk revit mep tutorials

FileMaker Pro Tutorials
If you want to take the headache out of keeping your business organized the you will want to take a look at this set of beginner to advanced FileMaker Pro tutorials. This powerful database application is demystified using video training movies authored by experts.
more on these filemaker pro tutorials

PHP & MySQL Tutorials
Start creating dynamic websites using these popular programming tools with this ever expanding range of video training CDs.
more on these MySQL & PHP video tutorials

Sony Tutorials
Really get to grips with Sony Vegas 5, 6 and Sony sound Forge 7and 8 with this collection of Sony video tutorials.
more on these sony tutorials

Microsoft FrontPage and Expression Web Tutorials
Learn all about creating and maintaining your own web site with this comprehensive set of Microsoft Expression Web video tutorials. First, the fundamentals are covered such as basic web design, hyperlinks, tables text and publishing tools. They then smoothly progress to intermediate skills such as using frames and forms in your website.
more on these microsoft expression web tutorials

Adobe Acrobat Tutorials
Learn how to create, manage and share PDF documents, add security and much more PDF 'know-how' with these comprehensive Adobe Acrobat tutorials.
more on these adobe acrobat tutorials

Oracle Database Tutorials
These 5 Oracle video tutorials will teach you all about the relational database model, Oracle architecture, the physical database and prepare you for various exams including 1Z0-007, 1Z0-033 and 1Z0-03.
more on these oracle tutorials

Linux Tutorials
There are 4 linux tutorials in our range - two beginner to intermediate and two advanced. They all have the aim of helping you to better understand the Linux operating system. Typical topics include planning the implementation, installation, configuration and troubleshooting.
more on these linux tutorials

Java Tutorials
Java - a simple, scalable object orientated, general purpose programming language with many uses. Simply click the link below to view a summary of all 6 Java tutorials in this exciting range.
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Networking Tutorials
Learn all you need to know to set up, secure, maintain and develop computer networks with this collection of video Networking tutorials that have been created by industry experts.
more on these networking tutorials

Microsoft Project Tutorials
Start to manage your projects efficiently and effectively with this professional collection of Microsoft Project video tutorials. Typical topics include refining schedules, using gantt charts and tables, creating and editing tasks, how to update the baseline, entering deadcosts and a whole lot more.
more on these microsoft project tutorials

Microsoft Visio Tutorials
Learn all you need to know about this popular software drawing application with these expertly put together Microsoft Visio video tutorials.
more on these microsoft visio tutorials

Microsoft Publisher Tutorials
Really get to grips with creating your own eye catching documents, logos and even websites using this popular desktop publishing application by Microsoft with these expertly constructed Publisher tutorials.
more on these microsoft publisher tutorials

Sony Vegas Tutorials
Join Sony Vegas masters as they demonstrate this great tool for video & production. All the aspects including capturing digital video & video editing are explained in this easy to follow selection of Vegas video tutorials.
more on these sony vegas tutorials

Microsoft Excel Tutorials
Learn how to get the most of the most popular mathematical program in the world with these expertly constructed Microsoft Excel tutorials. Sit back and relax whilst the expert authors explain exactly how to harness the powerful Excel tools and make them really work for you!
more on these microsoft excel tutorials

Microsoft Access Tutorials
MS Access experts show you exactly how to use the Access tools to effectively manage your data and make it really work for you.
more on these microsoft access tutorials

Poser Tutorials
learn all the ins and outs of this powerful 3d-character animation and design tool with these comprehensive Poser video tutorials. Typical poser topics include animation and light controls, altering colours, restoring, working with props, importing and exporting from other programs, scenes, rendering and animation fundamentals to name just a few.
more on these poser tutorials

Maya Tutorials
Get to grips with this powerfully integrated 3D modeling, animation, effects, & rendering program in the shortest time possible with these expertly constructed Maya video tutorials.
more on these maya tutorials

Macromedia / Adobe Fireworks Tutorials
Start learning how to use this exciting application that adds efficiency to creating & editing graphics for the web with this video based Fireworks tutorials.
more on these adobe fireworks tutorials

CompTIA A+ Tutorials
Gain the necessary skills and knowledge needed to take and pass these prestigious exams with this easy to follow video training method. Just sit back, relax and let our certified trainers take you through the essential concepts and principles that will provide you with the know-how and confidence to conquer the exams and get your IT career off to a great start.
more on these CompTIA A+ tutorials

Microsoft Office 2010 Tutorials
Covering Microsoft Access, Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher and PowerPoint, these video training movies take you through the many commercial and non-commercial uses and of this powerful suite of business products. Through easy-to-follow, and enjoyable training, our Microsoft Office 2010 tutors will take you from beginner, to confident and proficient user in a very short space of time.
more on these microsoft office 2010 tutorials

Rhino Tutorials
With both beginners and advanced versions, these Rhino tutorial provide follow-along-lessons that demonstrate how to use and explain the many uses of the complete toolset and the powerful features. View free training movies by clicking the grey linked lesson.
more on these rhino tutorials

Audition Tutorials
Gain an in-depth and practical insight into this popular audio editing and recording suite with the help of these video training movies for Adobe Audition. Now with greater functionality than Soundbooth, this software is now, even more than ever with learning and taking advantage of its powerful audio tools and instruments.
more on these adobe audition tutorials

Advanced AutoCAD Tutorials
Skip past the basics and move on to the meaty topics with this Advanced AutoCAD training video. Join certified trainer Brian Benton as he explains the more complex concepts to AutoCAD that will help you get the most out of the powerful features that this popular CAD software has to offer.
more on these advanced autocad tutorials

AutoCAD Electrical Tutorials
If you need a helping hand with the world's most popular 2D electrical CAD solution, then you should take a look at these practical training videos for AutoCAD Electrical. Sit back and relax as our expert trainers explain and demonstrate how to use all the tools at your disposal to really get the most out of AutoCAD Electrical.
more on these autocad electrical tutorials

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