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Oracle Tutorials

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Learn everything you need to know about this robust database system with these comprehensive Oracle 12c tutorials.

Spanning over 12 hours of video training, expert database trainer Steve Ries demonstrates the core concepts and principles of managing, developing and administering an Oracle 12c database.

The course begins with a step by step guide of how to install the 12c database, a brief overview of the database terminology used and the database architecture of Oracle explained.
The database files that Steve uses and frequently refers to are included with the download and DVD purchase. This helps you to easily keep pace with the training and enhances the learning process.
Once the basic concepts have been covered, Steve moves onto creating your first 12c database from scratch, SQL fundamentals including the select and insert statement, and instruction on Joins.
As the course progresses the training increases in complexity and towards the conclusion, Steve covers best practices for data migration, backup and recovery techniques including RMAN Backups and so much more.

You can start your Oracle 12c education right away, click the link below for the evaluation videos and see how effective this practical teaching guide is...
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Learn the basics of what it means to administer an Oracle Database with the help of these step-by-step Oracle 11g tutorials.

Using high quality video training movies, the course comprises of over 124 individual tutorial lessons that explain and demonstrate how an Oracle database server and environment function, not to mention how database concepts apply to an Oracle database.

Through over eight hours of professionally created training videos, the tuition includes the basics of the database, database storage explained, learning database structures, lessons on Oracle SQL, best practices for back up and recovery and so much more.

You can view the complete course contents and start learning right away, click the gray linked lesson below to view the full listings and to sample FREE Oracle 11g training videos and discover how effective this teaching method is...
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Learn from certified PL/SQL developer Lewes Cunningham who draws upon his 15 years of modeling, creating and architecting Oracle databases to bring users up to speed with the uses of Oracle PL/SQL and getting the most out of your Oracle databases.

Via step-by-step Oracle video tutorials, tutor Lewes provides practical demonstrations and explanations of the important concepts of programming with PL/SQL.

The course contains over seven hours of professionally created Oracle video training, which includes an overview of PL/SQL, lessons on data types, learning flow control, functions explained, tuition on exception handling and so much more.

You can start learning right away, click the grey linked lesson below for the complete training listings and to sample the FREE Oracle PL/SQL tutorial videos and see how this visual tutoring can benefit you...
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Join database expert Chris Ostrowski as he teaches you all you need to know to effectively use Oracle's primary tool to develop web applications with SQL and PL/SQL.

The course spans over 6 hours, which commences with how to install and administer Apex step by step and an overview of how to create applications and pages.
Once the basics have been covered, Chris teaches you about Oracle forms, creating reports, using templates and themes.
Amongst 61 other video lessons, you will also learn about creating mobile applications, team development features, security features, and the Apex listener.
The purchased DVD and download course also includes the same Oracle files as Chris uses to demonstrate. This helps users keep pace with the on-screen actions and verbal instructions.

You can start learning how to use Oracle Application Express for your own development projects right away. Click the link below for the free sample video tutorials and discover how effective this practical teaching guide is...
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Join expert Oracle trainer Steve Hamilton as he provides comprehensive instruction on the process of installing and configuring Oracle's RAC (Real Application Clusters) environment

Targeted towards those seeking to become a DBA (Oracle database administrator) and practicing DBA's, Steve uses high quality training videos to provide step by step demonstrations and explanations of Oracle's Real Application Clusters as well as in-depth guides of how to install and configure Oracle's RAC environment.

The training course spans over eight hours of practical tuition, which starts with a description of what an Oracle RAC is, when to use it and the requirements. Throughout the course, trainer Steve uses real life Oracle 11g work files that are included with the DVD / download purchase helping you to easily follow along with his on-screen actions. Once the basics has been covered, Steve then demonstrates how to install ASM and Grid Infrastructure Software, creating disk groups, best practices tuning RAC, how to identify potential RAC problems with diagnostics, general troubleshooting, RAC architecture explained, adding and removing nodes and so much more.

You can start gaining a fundamental understanding of Oracle's RAC environment right away, click the grey linked lesson below for the full course contents and free Oracle RAC sample videos...
Older Oracle Database Courses
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This eight hour training CD covers Oracle Certification course #1Z0-032, and more. Presented via easy-to-follow training movies, expert trainer Gavin Powell uses a series of step-by-step Oracle tutorial video movies to explain Backup and Recovery including RMAN, Oracle Net Services, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Transportable Tablespaces and SQL*Loader and much more. This course also reinforces the teaching by using thoroughly tested examples, which add even more weight and retention to the training. You can view the full training contents and preview the first chapters for FREE, Click the grey link below to sample the FREE Oracle video tutorials available on this web site...
More on this Beginners Oracle Database Tutorial ORACLE DATABASE ADMIN I TUTORIAL
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This professionally created 8 hour training CD is focused on preparing you for the Oracle Certification Exam # 1Z0-031. Presented using a series of easy-to-follow Oracle tutorial video movies, expert tutor Gavin Powell commences from the very basics and teaches Oracle database administration fundamentals; Oracle installation, the step-by-step creation of databases, learning to manage objects in the database and much more. This database video tutorial commences from the absolute basics and teaches users towards the more complex and advanced aspects in a progressive manner. You can start learning right now, click the grey link below to view the full training course content and to sample the FREE Oracle video tutorials...
More on this Beginners Oracle DBA Tutorial ORACLE PERFORMANCE TUNING TUTORIAL
(Click for Full Training Contents & FREE DEMOS)
Oracle expert Gavin Powell explains all the essential concepts and techniques in the 1Z0-O33 Oracle 9i tuning Certification exam in an easy-to-follow manner, which will help you pass the test with confidence. Topics covered via video training movies include the basics of performance tuning and tuning tools, physical file structures of the database, tablespaces, locking, latching, datafiles and more. You can evaluate this training right now, simply click the grey link below for FREE Oracle tutorials...
More on this Beginners Oracle Video Tutorial ORACLE 10G TUTORIAL
(Click for Full Training Contents & FREE DEMOS)
Get to grips with this widely used database that runs on Unix, Linux and Windows servers with the help of these 10g Oracle tutorials. Via step-by-step Oracle training video movies, expert author EI Design guides users through all the important concepts including installing and configuring an Oracle 10g database, how to automate tasks and demonstrating several programming options to work with your database. Start learning 10g right now by viewing the FREE oracle tutorials available on this web site, just click the grey link below...
More on this Beginners Oracle 10g Tutorial

These beginner Oracle video tutorials assume you've never previously used or created databases previously, and takes you step-by-step through the key concepts in an enjoyable, and easy-to-follow manner. Each Oracle tutor guides you through each concept and shows you the correct way to exploit it thus improving user workflow. These database video tutorials commence from the absolute basics and lead students from the fundamentals progressively to the more advanced and complex concepts of Oracle. Typical Oracle tuition includes datatypes, sql basics, tablespaces, views, schemas, privileges, functions, RMAN overview and a whole lot more.

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