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Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Exam 70-414 Tutorial

A professionally created, self-study video training course
Includes 8 hours of easy to follow Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Exam 70-414 video tutorials presented by an industry expert.
The training is delivered to your desktop allowing you to learn at a time that suits you and at your own pace.
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  • Tutor: John Savill
  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Video lessons: 119
  • Product code: 01989
  • In stock: YES
In this Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Certification Training Exam 70-414, expert author John Savill will teach you how to implement an advanced Windows Server environment, preparing you for the 70-414 exam. This course is designed for users that already have a basic knowledge of a Windows Server.

You will start by learning how to manage an enterprise datacenter, then jump into learning how to implement a monitoring solution. From there, John will show you how to implement an update strategy, and design a configuration solution and an enterprise virtualization solution. This video tutorial will also cover planning a virtualization migration solution, designing a network management solution, designing a storage solution, and implementing the failover clustering feature. Other topics that are included are implementing network load balancing, architecting a business continuity and disaster recovery solution, and active directory rights management services.

Once you have completed this computer based training course, you will be fully capable of implementing an advanced Windows Server. You will also have the knowledge necessary to complete the 70-414 Exam.
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Implementing An Update Strategy For Your Organization
Review Of Patching Options
Designing A Windows Server Update Services Solution
Implementing WSUS - Server And The Client Settings
Using Failover Cluster Cluster-Aware Updating
Patching Hyper-V Environments
Designing And Implementing A Patch Strategy Using System Center Configuration Manager
Choosing The Right Patch Strategy For Your Organization
Patching Offline Virtual Machines And Templates
Review Of SCVMM Service Templates
Designing And Implementing Service Templates
Updating Service Templates And Deployed Instances

Designing A Desired Configuration Solution
Designing Configuration Management With SCCM
Implementing Configuration Manager With SCCM
Understanding PowerShell V Desired Configuration Management
Implementing PowerShell V Desired Configuration Management

Designing An Enterprise Virtualization Solution
Designing And Implementing SCVMM Host Groups And Delegation
Creating Clouds And Tenants In SCVMM
Deploying Multiple Library Servers And Configuring Object Equivalencies
Configuring VMM Profiles
Creating And Deploying VMM Templates
Configuring Host Group Dynamic Optimization And Power Optimization
Understanding Operations Manager Performance Resource Optimization Capabilities
Configuring VM Placement Rules
Understanding Dynamic Memory And The Role Of The Smart Page File
Configuring Dynamic Memory
Implementing RemoteFX For A VDI Environment
Performing Bare-Metal Deployment With SCVMM

Planning A Virtualization Migration Solution
Overview Of The Types Of Virtualization Migration - P2V And V2V
Examining P2V And V2V Capabilities Of SCVMM
Designing And Implementing A VMware To Hyper-V Migration Using Microsoft Virtual Machine Converter
Automating Large Scale VMware Migrations With Migration Automation Toolkit
Configuring Hyper-V For Live Migration And Storage Migration
Using Network Protection In A Hyper-V Cluster

Designing A Network Management Solution Using SCVMM
Overview Of SCVMM Network Components
Designing And Implementing Logical Networks, IP Pools And VM Networks
Designing And Implementing Port Profiles And Port Classifications
Creating Logical Switches
Deploying Logical Switches To Hyper-V Hosts
Enabling Network Virtualization On A Logical Network
Creating Virtual Networks
Connecting Virtual Networks To Other Networks Using HNV Gateway

Designing A Storage Solution For Hyper-V
Overview Of The Types Of Storage Usable By Hyper-V
Overview Of SMB 3 Features
Designing And Implementing SMB 3.0 Scale-Out File Server
Using iSCSI With Hyper-V Virtual Machines
Designing And Implementing Virtual Fibre Channel
Examining The Differences Between VHD And VHDX
Using Shared VHDX For Guest Cluster Scenarios
Examining Why Pass-Through Storage Should Not Be Used
Using Storage QoS Capabilities

Implementing The Failover Clustering Feature
Review Of Failover Clustering Concepts
Quorum Model In Windows Server 2012
Design Considerations For Multi-Site Failover Clusters
Configuring Failover And Failback Options
Creating Highly Available Services In A Failover Cluster
Understanding How Hyper-V Uses Failover Clustering
Deploying A Failover Cluster
Cluster Shared Volume Options And Using CSV Cache
Using Clustered Storage Spaces

Implementing Network Load Balancing
Review Of Network Load Balancing
Designing A NLB Solution With Network Fault Tolerance
Understanding NLB Unicast Versus Multicast Configurations
Implementing NLB
Integrating NLB With SCVMM Service Templates

Architecting A Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Solution
Understanding The Threats To Business
Assessing The Critical Services For Your Organization
Architecting Protection For Services
Designing A Hyper-V Replica Solution
Implementing Hyper-V Replica
Introduction To Hyper-V Recovery Manager
Implementing Azure Site Recovery
Restoring Active Directory Objects Using The Recycle Bin
Performing An Active Directory Authoritative Restore
Understanding Backup Options And Integration With Windows Azure
Designing A Backup And Restore Strategy
Best Practices For The Protection Of Virtualized Applications
Performing Backups With SC Data Protection Manager
Restoring Data With SC Data Protection Manager

Active Directory Certificate Services - ADCS
Overview Of Public Key Infrastructure - PKI
Installing ADCS
Configuring Enterprise Certificate Authority
Enabling ADCS Services
Implementing Certificate Enrollment Services
Implementing Network Device Enrollment Services
Implementing Automatic Certificate Deployment And Renewal
Implementing Key Archival And Recovery Processes
Implementing Certificate Trust Between Organizations
Implementing Certificate Validation And Revocation
Designing Separation Of Roles With ADCS

Using Active Directory Federation Services - ADFS
The Need For ADFS And How It Works
Installing ADFS
Configuring And Using ADFS
Integrating ADFS With Cloud Services
Implementing Advanced Policies And Rules
Integrate Web Application Proxy With ADFS

Active Directory Rights Management Services - ADRMS
Ways To Protect Data
Installing And Deploying RMS
Using RMS Templates
Configuring Distributed And Archived Rights Policy Templates
Configuring RMS Protection On Data
Enabling External Access To RMS
Integrating RMS With File Classification Infrastructure

Wrap Up
Closing Thoughts
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