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Apple Logic Studio Tutorials

Apple logic Pro  |  Soundtrack Pro  |  Compressor  |  WaveBurner  |  MainStage  |  Loops Utility
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Learn everything you need to know about Apple's premiere music production app with the help of these beginners Apple Logic Pro X tutorials.

Presented by expert Mac trainer Joe Godfrey, he uses step by step training videos to help explain and demonstrate how to use the tools and techniques at your disposal and to share some widely recognized industry best practices that will help to boost your productivity and skills.

The tuition spans seven hours of video training starting with a tour of the new Pro X workspace, where the most commonly used tools are located and setting up your first audio project. Once the basic concepts have been covered, Joe moves on to assigning and grooving tack and bouncing the track, learning the EXS sampler, lessons on using the Logic remote, the drummer feature, MIDI plugins explained and so much more. The same audio files that Joe uses are included with the online, DVD and download purchase making it easy to replicate and keep pace with the on screen actions.

You can start learning how to use Logic Pro to enhance your own audio projects right now. Click the link below for the free sample videos and begin to take your music production skills to the next level...
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The most popular training course in the Apple Logic Studio tutorials. These expertly constructed Logic Pro 8 tutorials (and now for Logic Pro 9 and X) provide users with the skills and knowledge to allow them to use this impressive audio application to a professional standard and with a new found confidence they never previously thought possible.

The visual nature and hands-on approach of the tuition means that users feel more engaged with the teaching and thus the learning curve is shortened.

Work files are included so you can closely follow the instruction of Logic trainer Steven Smith and learn Apple Logic Pro 8 and 9 with a higher degree of retention than other training methods.

Simply click the grey link below to view the first 3 chapters of this Apple Logic Studio tutorial for FREE and discover how effective this practical teaching method is...
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Apple Compressor 4 Tutorial
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Join expert tutor Matt Schalk as he uses step-by-step video training movies to help you learn the features and functions of this powerful video/audio compression and encoding application from Apple.

These Apple Compressor 4 tutorials commence from the absolute basics and provides a comprehensive guide to the essentials of this program. By the conclusion of this course, you will have gain the skills and know-how to compress and encode your projects in several ways.

The purchase DVD and download options include the same working files that trainer Matt uses, which allows you to accurately replicate the on-screen actions thus enhancing the learning experience.

You can start learning right away, click the grey linked lesson below to view the complete training course contents and to sample the free Compressor 4 video tutorials available on this web site and discover how effective this visual tutoring is...
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If you want to be transformed into a highly skilled and confident user of this popular music application, then you should take a close look at these beginners Apple Soundtrack Pro training tutorials.

Using step-by-step video training movies, expert tutor Sam McGuire commences by demonstrating the very basics such as the exploring the interface and examining the plentiful toolset.

Sam' s easy-to-follow authoring style will have you feeling at ease from the outset and you'll start to realize how to leverage the many features of Soundtrack Pro and he builds upon the fundamentals by introducing more complex topics such as constructing HD DVD and multiple streams.

You can access FREE SoundTrack Pro tuition now by previewing the first three chapters that are available on this web site, just click the grey link below...
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These Apple Logic Studio tutorials provide users with the skills and knowledge necessary to use Mainstage, Apple Loops Utility, Compressor and Impulse Response Utility to a highly proficient and confident manner.

Using step-by-step video training movies, expert tutor Sam McGuire demonstrates and provides a narrative to his on-screen actions for each important tool, feature and best practice for each Logic Studio application.

This practical, hands-on teaching method will help you get the most out of these popular audio creation, editing and recording tools in the shortest time possible. Targeted towards beginners and intermediate users, trainer Sam also provides real life examples to back up his teachings, which will no doubt accelerate the learning process.

You can view the full training contents and start learning now, click the linked lesson for FREE Apple Logic Studio video tutorials...

These beginners Apple Logic Studio tutorials assume you've never previously used any Apple Logic Studio application previously and takes you step-by-step through the key concepts in an enjoyable, and easy-to-follow manner. Each tutor guides you through all the applications tool set and shows you the correct way to use it thus improving user workflow.

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We are so confident you will enjoy these beginner Apple Logic Studio video tutorials we let you view / download the first 3 chapters of each course FREE of charge. Just click on any of the above courses to get started. Please do not hesitate to contact us for online class / download help.

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