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Microsoft Excel Advanced Tools and Techniques Bundle Tutorial

This discounted bundle includes these SIX courses:
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Contents from MS Excel - Shortcut Guide
04. Shortcut Guide - Workbooks And Worksheets
0401 Moving Swiftly Between Workbooks And Worksheets
0402 Displaying File Path, File Name And Sheet Name
0403 Controlling The Quantity Of Worksheets

05. Shortcut Guide - Data Organization
0501 Creating A Table
0502 Table Styles Of Your Own
0503 Creating And Using Custom Views
0504 Testing What Ifs With Goal Seek
0505 Use Scenarios To Experiment With Different Values

06. Shortcut Guide - Entering Data And Formatting
0601 Managing Cells With Large Text Content
0602 Creating And Managing A Pick List
0603 Multiple Sheet Data Entry And Sheet Management

07. Shortcut Guide - Working With Dates And Times

0701 Inserting The Date And Time As Static Or Dynamic
0702 Time Difference And Duration: Particularly Over 24 Hours
0703 Calculate Time Required To Reach Investment Goal

08. Shortcut Guide - Working With Data And Formulas
0801 Create Your Own Fill Handle Lists
0802 Flash Fill In Action - Completing Data Columns
0803 Removing Duplicate Values
0804 Work Out Mortgage Repayments
0805 Adding Comments To Formulas
0806 Displaying The Formula In Use: Formula Text
0807 Use Watch To Keep An Eye On A Cell Value
0808 Adding Formulas To Text Boxes

09. Shortcut Guide - Charts And Pivot Tables
0901 Create A Chart With A Single Key
0902 Summarizing Data Using A Sparkline
0903 Reference A Pivot Table Value In A Formula
0904 Separate Worksheets From A Single Pivot Table
0905 Drilling Down Into Pivot Table Data
Contents from Multiple Worksheets And External Data
10. Multiple Worksheets And External Data - Overview
1001 What You Will Learn

11. Multiple Worksheets And External Data - Preparing For Dispersed Data
1101 Preparing For Dispersed Data
1102 Worksheet Basics Review - Part 1
1103 Worksheet Basics Review - Part 2
1104 Simplifying References With Names
1105 Grouping Worksheets

12. Multiple Worksheets And External Data - Formatting Multiple Worksheets
1201 Formatting Multiple Worksheets - Part 1
1202 Formatting Multiple Worksheets - Part 2
1203 Creating And Applying Styles
1204 Applying Conditional Formatting To Multiple Worksheets
1205 Creating Quick Formatting Macros

13. Multiple Worksheets And External Data - Calculating Disperse Data
1301 Calculating Disperse Data - Part 1
1302 Calculating Disperse Data - Part 2
1303 Calculations 101 - Refresher
1304 Referencing Data In Other Locations
1305 Summarizing Data Using 3-Dimensional Formulas
1306 Keeping Track Of Values With The Watch Window
1307 Performing Data Consolidation

14. Multiple Worksheets And External Data - Leveraging Data From Other Sources
1401 Leveraging Data From Other Sources
1402 Importing Text Files
1403 Connecting To Access Databases
1404 Using Data From The Web
1405 Populating Worksheets With SharePoint Data

15. Multiple Worksheets And External Data - Bringing Data Together
1501 Bringing Data Together
1502 Creating Relationships
1503 Refreshing Linked Data
1504 Editing Data Links
1505 Managing Data Connections
1506 Viewing Data Connection Settings
1507 Creating And Using Excel Views
Contents from Advanced Formulas And Functions
16. Advanced Formulas And Functions - Getting Started
1601 When Is A Formula A Function?

17. Advanced Formulas And Functions - Getting The Basics Right
1701 Sum And Count Syntax
1702 Accessing Unknown Function Syntax Within Excel
1703 Referencing Entire Rows/Columns
1704 Function Processing Order
1705 Convert Formulas To Values In A Split Second

18. Advanced Formulas And Functions - Extend Your Formula Usage
1801 Naming Cells To Improve Formula Appearance
1802 3D Referencing
1803 Full Absolute Referencing
1804 Making Only Part Absolute Formula

19. Advanced Formulas And Functions - If And If Type Functions
1901 The If Logical Test
1902 Nested If Statements
1903 Using The And, Or, And Not Functions Within If
1904 CountIf, SumIf, And AverageIf
1905 Multiple Criteria With CountIfs, SumIfs, And AverageIfs

20. Advanced Formulas And Functions - Lookup And Reference Type Functions
2001 Looking Up Information With VLookup
2002 HLookup
2003 Nearest Match With VLookup
2004 Nested Lookup Functions
2005 Choose And Match Functions For Locating Data
2006 Index And Match Functions For Retrieving Data

21. Advanced Formulas And Functions - Mathematical Functions
2101 Varying Rounding Functions
2102 MRound, Ceiling, And Floor For Rounding Also
2103 Int And Mod For Integer And Remainder Values
2104 Generating Random Numbers And Values In Excel
2105 Password Generating Workbooks
2106 Display Different Number Types With Roman And Arabic

22. Advanced Formulas And Functions - Statistics
2201 The Middle Value With Median
2202 Ranking Data Without Sorting
2203 Large And Small For Retrieving Biggest And Smallest Values
2204 A Choice Of Count Functions

23. Advanced Formulas And Functions - Text Functions

2301 Extracting Data With Left, Right And Mid
2302 Locating Data With Find, Search, Exact
2303 Use Trim And Clean To Remove Unwanted Gaps
2304 Combine Data From Different Cells
2305 Changing The Case Of Text Using Proper, Upper, And Lower
2306 Replace And Substitute In Action
2307 Format Number Content Within Strings With Text

24. Advanced Formulas And Functions - Date And Time Functions
2401 Using Today And Now Functions
2402 How Does Excel Deal With Dates And Time
2403 What Day Of The Week Is It?
2404 Difference Between Network Days And Work Day
2405 DatedIf For Time Differences
2406 EDate And EOMonth
2407 DateValue And TimeValue Functions

25. Advanced Formulas And Functions - Information And Referencing Functions
2501 Extracting Information With Cell And Info Functions
2502 Using IsBlank, IsOdd, IsEven, IsText, And IsNumber
2503 IsErr, IsError, IfError, IsNA, And IfNA For Error Checking
2504 The New IsFormula Function And FormulaText
2505 Use Offset To Obtain Data From Related Cells
2506 InDirect And Its Uses

26. Advanced Formulas And Functions - Array Formulas And Functions
2601 What Is An Array Formula?
2602 Use An Array Formula To Count Unique Entries
2603 Flipping Rows Or Columns With Transpose
Contents from Mastering Tables
27. Mastering Tables - Overview
2701 What You Will Learn

28. Mastering Tables - Skimming The Surface

2801 Skimming The Surface Of Tables
2802 Why Do We Need Tables
2803 Preparing Data For Tables
2804 Creating Tables
2805 What Changes With Tables
2806 Naming Tables
2807 Converting Tables Back To Ranges

29. Mastering Tables - Working With Table Records
2901 Working With Table Records
2902 Adding And Deleting Records
2903 Using The Data Entry Form
2904 Adding Columns To Tables
2905 Sorting Table Records
2906 Filtering Table Records
2907 Using Slicers In Tables

30. Mastering Tables - Formatting
3001 Formatting Tables
3002 Working With Quick Styles
3003 Modifying Table Style Options
3004 Creating Custom And Default Table Styles

31. Mastering Tables - Calculations
3101 Calculating Data In Tables
3102 Excel Calculations Refresher
3103 Creating Calculated Columns
3104 Understanding Structured References
3105 Tweaking Absolute References In Tables
3106 Working With Table Rows

32. Mastering Tables - Using Table Tools
3201 Working With Table Tools
3202 Moving Tables
3203 Removing Duplicates
3204 Summarizing Table Data With Pivot Tables
3205 Creating Charts From Tables
3206 Printing Tables
Contents from Pivot Tables
33. Pivot Tables - Overview
3301 What You Will Learn

34. Pivot Tables - Getting Started
3401 Getting Started
3402 Why Use Pivot Tables
3403 Identifying Parts
3404 Preparing Data
3405 What Has Changed With Pivot Tables
3406 Creating Pivot Tables - The Quick Analysis Tool
3407 Using Recommended Pivot Tables
3408 Creating Pivot Tables Manually
3409 Reviewing Summary Calculation Details
3410 Using General Pivot Table Tools

35. Pivot Tables - Managing Data
3501 Managing Data
3502 Working With The Data Source
3503 Controlling Pivot Table Refresh
3504 Understanding The Pivot Cache
3505 Working With The Pivot Cache
3506 Pivoting Data In A Pivot Table

36. Pivot Tables - Formatting
3601 Formatting
3602 Applying Basic Formatting
3603 Modifying Pivot Table Design Using Layout Options
3604 Renaming Pivot Table Fields
3605 Repeating Row Labels In Pivot Tables
3606 Formatting Numbers In Pivot Tables

37. Pivot Tables - Sorting And Filtering
3701 Sorting And Filtering - Part 1
3702 Sorting And Filtering - Part 2
3703 How To Sort Pivot Tables
3704 How To Filter Pivot Tables
3705 Using Data Slicers To Filter Pivot Tables
3706 Applying Timelines To Filter By Date
3707 Grouping Data
3708 Grouping By Date

38. Pivot Tables - Manipulating Calculations
3801 Manipulating Calculations
3802 Changing Summary Calculations
3803 Transforming Calculations With Show As
3804 Creating Calculated Fields And Items

39. Pivot Tables - Visualizing Data
3901 Visualizing Table Data With Charts
3902 Creating Charts
3903 Manipulating Charts
Contents from Charts in Details
40. Charts In Detail - Basics
4001 Deciding On The Data To Be Used In A Chart
4002 Creating Charts Quickly
4003 Use Sparklines To Create Inline Charts
4004 Chart Areas Plot Chart Legends
4005 Filtering An Existing Chart
4006 The Right Chart Type Matters
4007 The Chart Sub Ribbons And Properties Box

41. Charts In Detail - The Design Tab
4101 Moving Charts And Switching Rows And Columns
4102 Changing The Default Chart Type
4103 Chart Layouts Styles And Colors
4104 Adding And Removing Chart Elements
4105 Dealing With Hidden Or Empty Cells
4106 Dynamic Titles
4107 Trend Lines Used To Help Analyze Data

42. Charts In Detail - The Format Tab
4201 Adding And Manipulating Shapes
4202 Add WordArt And Use Of WordArt Styles
4203 Adding Static And Dynamic Text Boxes
4204 Using Pictures Or Textures As Chart Element Backgrounds
4205 Altering Axis Formatting And Plotting
4206 Managing Data Labels

43. Charts In Detail - Special Chart Types
4301 Multiple Chart Types In The Same Chart
4302 Multiple Pie Charts In The Same Sheet
4303 Pie Of A Pie
4304 Charting Stock Movements
4305 Radar Charts In Action
4306 Scatter Charts Explained

44. Charts In Detail - Data
4401 Changing A Charts Date Source
4402 Creating Charts From Multiple Data Sources
4403 What Happens When I Copy Sheets With Charts?

45. Charts In Detail - Printing And Sharing Charts
4501 How To Print Charts
4502 Chart Templates
4503 Copying And Linking Charts To Other Office Applications

46. Mastering Microsoft Excel - Summary
4601 Conclusion and Summary
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In this Mastering Microsoft Excel training video, expert authors Guy Vaccaro and Erin Olsen take you beyond the basics of Excel and teach you power user tools and techniques to help you get the most out of this popular spreadsheet program. This tutorial is designed for users that already have a basic working knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

This video based training course starts with a close look at how to increase your productivity using shortcuts. Using keyboard commands, the ribbon and simply organizing your data you can work faster and better in Excel. Erin takes over to teach you about managing your worksheets, and importing data from external sources. Next, you tackle advanced formulas and functions such as Mround, Ceiling, extracting data with Left, Right and Mid, and advanced conditional statements. This video tutorial continues with an in-depth look at tables, creating, formatting, and even performing table calculations. Pivot tables is the next major topic, and Erin dives deep into how to create, summarize and manage large amounts of data with Pivot Tables. Finally, Guy will show you how to summarize and present your data using different kinds of charts and advanced chart formatting techniques.

Once you have completed this computer based training course on advanced Microsoft Excel techniques, you will have a deep understanding of how you can manage, manipulate and present your data using this powerful spreadsheet software from Microsoft. Working files are included, allowing you to follow along with the author throughout the lessons.
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