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C Programming Tutorials

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Start to get to grips with this "low level" simple programming language with the help of these practical C Programming video tutorials. Join expert trainer Tim Heagerty as he uses narrated training movies to help explain the basic and intermediate concepts of this language.

This course is authored using minimal technical jargon making it ideal for beginners or those with little programming experience.

Learning C is highly recommended as once learnt, languages that are descendants of C, including PERL, PHP and JavaScript, are far easier to master.

Tim also provides some invaluable advise on its use in the commercial world. You can take advantage of the FREE C Programming tutorials available on this web site, just click the grey link below to start learning and discover how effective this practical tutoring method is...
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If you already possess a sound understanding of the versatile, general purpose programming language and are seeking to improve your knowledge and capabilities, then these Advanced C Programming tutorials are well worth a look!

With the aid of high quality video training movies, expert tutor Arthur Griffith covers advanced topics such as unions, operators, memory allocation explained, learning the standard C library and special keywords.

This course includes almost six hours of advanced C Programming tuition, which includes the same workfiles as the trainer uses allowing you to mirror the on-screen actions of the tutor.

You can evaluate this visual training method right now, click the grey link below for 15 FREE C Programming training tutorials that cover the advanced concepts in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step manner...
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Gain the skills and knowledge to write effective Objective-C code, how to use Apple Frameworks and use Xcode to create your App with the help of these comprehensive Objective-C programming tutorials.

Commencing from the absolute basics, expert C Programming tutor Jesse Feiler uses step-by-step video training movies to help users get to grips with the technologies that Objective-C, Xcode and the Apple Frameworks have to offer.

This course spans over five hours of professionally created video training, which starts with a review of the Xcode interface, and the techniques you can use to create your Objective-C project. The trainer then goes on to discuss what Objective-C is and how an Objective-C App is made up. Jesse also discusses using instance variables and declared properties, learning how to manage your memory, lessons on creating and working with classes, and how to use the debugger.

You can start learning right away, click the grey linked lesson below for the evaluation Objective-C training videos available on this web site and discover how effective this visual teaching method is...

These beginners C Programming tutorials assume you've never previously programmed using C Programming and take you step-by-step through the essentials in an enjoyable and easy-to-follow manner. Each tutor guides you through each key concept using narrated tutorials and shows you their preferred programming method thus improving user workflow. Typical C Programming tuition includes types, operators, expressions, loops, functions, pointers, arrays, using C on the web, date and time functions and so much more.

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We are so confident you will enjoy these C Programming video training CDs and DVD's we let you view / download the first 3 chapters of each course FREE of charge. Just click on any of the above courses to get started. Please do not hesitate to contact us for online class / download help.

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