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Apple Video Production Bundle Tutorial

This discounted bundle includes:
Beginners Final Pro X Tutorial
Duration: 10.5 Hours, 142 Lessons

Beginners Motion 5 Tutorial
Duration: 10 hours, 93 Lessons

Beginners Compressor 4 Tutorial
Duration: 2.5 hours, 44 Lessons
A professionally created, self-study video training course
Includes 19 hours of easy to follow Apple Video Production Bundle video tutorials presented by an industry expert.
The training is delivered to your desktop allowing you to learn at a time that suits you and at your own pace.
You can start learning online right away. Sample Apple Video Production Bundle tutorial videos by clicking a blue link below:
We hope you enjoyed the free lessons. To view the complete contents, including all lessons below & above, please purchase the course via DVD or Download.
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Contents from FCP X
Getting Started
Working Through The App Store
Editing Preferences
Playback Preferences
Import Preferences
Working With The Event Library And View
Understanding The Timeline

Basic Import And Editing In FCP
Organization Is The Key To Success
Creating Events And Projects
Adding Transitions
Editing A Clip With The Blade Tool
Saving FCP For Display

Populating Events With Clips & Files
Events Do's And Do Nots
Importing Files
Capturing From Tape
Capturing Live Video
Organizing The Events Library
Merging Events
Moving And Copying Between Events
Transcoding And Analysis

Working With And Organizing Clips
Opening The Work Files
Organizing In The Event Browser
Marking Clips
Sorting Through Marked Clips
Skimming In The Event Browser

Clips, Keywords, And Metadata
Creating Clip-Related Keywords
Metadata To The Max
Customizing Clip Names
Finding What You Need
Smart Collections
Generating Event Library Folders

Projects & The Timeline
Creating A Working Project
Gaining Control Of Projects
Creating Temporary Projects
Modifying Project Properties
Finding Lost Clips

Appending Versus Inserting
Performing An Overwrite Edit
Connect Track Editing
Replace Editing
Playing A Portion Of A Clip
Viewing Clip Times

Beyond Simple Edits
Editing By End Points
Three-Point Edits
Separating Audio And Video
Deleting Tips
Adding Gaps And Placeholders
Skimming And The Playhead

Editing And Marking Tips & Tricks
Moving Clips On The Timeline
Lifting And Overwriting Clips
The Position Tool And Snapping
Creating Markers
Moving Markers
Converting Markers To A To Do
Searching And Finding Markers

Editing Tips & Tricks
Editing Techniques
Performing A Rolling Edit
Editing Tips And Tricks
Separating Audio And Video
Making Editing Precise

Auditions And Consolidating Clips
What Is Audition
Creating An Audition
Creating An Audition From Multiple Clips
Working With A Secondary Storyline
Generating A Compound Clip

Working With Audio
Adding Audio Work Files
Reading The Waveform And The Music Browser
Working With The Audio Inspector
Controlling Clip Volume
Defining Clip And FCP Volume
Creating And Adjusting Audio Keyframes

More On Controlling Audio
Adding And Fading Audio Clips
Cross Fading Audio
Changing Audio Properties
Panning Audio Clips
Audio Equalization
Matching Audio Clips
Enhancing Audio
Working With Audio Effects
Saving Custom Effects And Filters

Getting Creative With Transitions, Filters, And Mattes
Transforming A Clip
Adding Additional Work Files
Blending Modes And Opacity
All About Mattes
Applying A Key
Controlling Plug-In Effects
Applying Transitions
Overlap Versus Available Media

Titles, Text, And Generators
Creating A Title
Modifying A Title
Additional Title Effects
Creating Basic Text
Working With Generators

Bringing The Timeline To Life
Generating A Basic Animation
Modifying An Animation
Animating A Movie Clip
Additional Animating Effects
Controlling Opacity With Keyframes
Adjusting Animation Keyframes
Changing A Clips Speed
Generating A Speed Ramp
Creating A Freeze Frame
Combining Multiple Clips

Working With Color
Automatic Color Correction
Color Manipulation Using Effects
Understanding Video Scopes
Working With Color Boards
Adjusting Exposure
Controlling Color Saturation
Manipulating Clip Color
Controlling Color Information With Masks
Using Preset Shapes To Control Color
Copying And Pasting Color Information

Getting Ready For Primetime
Gathering Media For Export
Consolidating A Project
Checking Before Exporting
Exporting Quicktime Video And/Or Audio
Exporting Sequences And Frames
Using Apple Compressor
Sharing With The World
Exporting To Blu-Ray And DVD
Browsing Multiple Clips
Adjusting Event Library Thumbnails
FCP X Course Closing Thoughts
Contents from Apple Motion 5
Motion Specific Techniques

Project Browser And Workspace Overview
Adding Files To The Project Pane
Timing Pane
The Canvas Viewing Preferences And Expose
HUD And The Inspector
The Library
Gestures Trackpad Vs Wacom
Toolbar Tools
Toolbar Objects And Effects
The Paint Stoke Tool And Shapes

Project Management
Project Browser Blank Projects And Presets
Working With Templates
Saving And Archiving
Creating Templates

Basic Compositing
Layers And Groups
Layer Properties
Blending Modes And Opacities
Clone Layers And Reflections
Editing On The Timeline
Working On The Timeline
Mini Timeline
Group Tracks

Behaviour Overview
Applying Behaviours
Modifying Behaviours
Simulations And Stop
Parameter Behaviours
Custom Behaviours
Converting Behaviours To Keyframes

Keyframe Overview And Recording
Keyframes In The Timeline
Keyframe Editor
Curve Sets And Curves
Mini Curve Editor
Animating On The Fly
Keyframing Thinning

Masking And Keying
Mask Basics
Mask Editing And Image Masks
Chroma Keying
Luminance Keys
Mask And Key Project

Particle Anatomy
Library Particles
Parameters Emitters
Parameters Particles
Multiple Particles
Particle Effects Masks Behaviours
Custom Particle Systems

Replicator Overview
Library Replicators
Replicator Parameters
Creating Replicators
Sequence Behaviour
Masks Filters And Behaviours
Managing Custom Replicators

Working With Text
Creating And Formatting Text
Advanced Formatting
Glyph Tool
Type On And Off
Sequence Behaviour
Scroll And Crawl

Text Generators

Adding And Creating Filters
Filter Demo

Motion Tracking And Stabilizing
Motion Tracking Basics
Parameter Tracking And Match Move
Two Point Tracking
Four Corner Pinning
Shape Tracking

Working With Audio
Keyframing Audio
Audio Behaviours
Audio Parameter Behaviour

Working With FCP X And Rigging
Rigging Intro
Checkbox Widgets
Popup Widgets
Slider Widgets
Project Snapshots
FCP X Filters
FCP X Generators
FCP X Transitions
FCP X Titles
FCP X Template Locations

Share Menu
About The Motion Tutor
Contents from Compressor 4
Compressor Overview
Compressor Windows

Using Compressor
Batch Templates
Manual Workflows
Preview Monitor
Share Monitor

Customizing Workflows
Creating Manual Settings
Frame Controls
Video Filters - Lesson 1
Video Filters - Lesson 2
Geometry - Lesson 1
Geometry - Lesson 2

Additional Workflow Settings
Adding Actions
Additional Information

Workflows For Audio
Creating AIFF
Creating Common Audio
Creating MP3
Creating Dolby Digital

Workflows For Editing Formats
Creating DV Stream
Working With Image Sequences

Workflows For H.264
Creating H.264 for Apple Devices
Creating H.264 for Bluray and AVCHD

Workflows For MPEG
Creating MPEG1
Creating MPEG2
Creating MPEG4

Workflows For Quicktime
Quicktime Export Components
Quicktime Movie

Creating A Droplet
Working With Droplets

Distributed Processing
Distributed Processing
Computer Plus

Advanced Compressor
Essential Preferences
Important Files
Command Line
HTTP Live Streaming Overview
Setup A Webserver
Creating HTTP Live Streaming

FCP X And Compressor 4
Motion 5 And Compressor 4
  • Tutor: Andy Anderson & Matt Schalk
  • Duration: 19 hours
  • Video lessons: 210
  • Product code: 01669
  • In stock: YES
  • Available on: DVD & Download
  • Work files included: YES
  • Works on: MS Windows PC & Mac
  • Recommended: Apple Mac OS tutorials
Start to take control of the Apple Video Production suite with the help of these easy-to-follow Apple Final Cut Pro X (learn how to import and edit your video), Motion 5 (learn how to polish your video and sound) and Compressor 4 (learn how to prepare and output your productions) tutorial videos.

Providing in-depth demonstrations and explanations of the various uses and how to use each of these powerful applications, expert tutors Andy Anderson and Matt Schalk provide you with the skills and knowledge to create amazing video compositions from start to finish.

The complete training tuition contents for all three courses are laid out below and you can start learning right away, click any of the blue linked lessons for FREE Apple Video Production tutorials and discover just how effective this teaching method is...
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