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Adobe CS5 Bundle Tutorial

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Sample Videos from Adobe Photoshop CS5
Andys Ten
Setting Essential Preferences
Working With Screen Modes
Adding File Information
Organizing Bridge Workspaces
Using Crop & Straighten
Using The Ruler Tool To Straighten An Image
Selection 101
Using Refine Edge
The Mixer Brush Tool
Creating Customized Brushes
Alpha Channels And Layer Masks
Whitening Teeth
Fixing A Pesky Color Cast
Color Correction With A Grayscale Wedge
The Grayscale Trick Revealed
A Peek At Color Correction With Curves
Converting Images To Grayscale
Color Correction With Midtones
Sample Videos from Adobe InDesign CS5
Rulers And Setting Up Guides
Varying The Size Of Pages With The New Page Tool
Composing Type
The New Span And Split Columns Feature
Fun With Paragraph Rules
Fun With Type On A Path
Text Frame Options
Placing Graphics
Fitting Graphics To Their Frames Automatically
Using The New Gap Tool
Working With Gradients
Adding Feather Effects
Let's Get Glowing
Creating Buttons Will Take You Places
Animating Objects In Layouts
Acrobats For Print
Exporting For On-Screen And Interactive
Sample Videos from Adobe Illustrator CS5
Illustrator CS5 Seeing Is Believing
The Anatomy Of A Vector Illustration
Vector Versus Raster
Creating A New Illustrator Document
Setting Up The Illustrator Workspace
Creating Custom Workspaces
Timesaving Shortcuts
Working Smart With Preferences
Three Ways To Select - It's Black And White
Working With The Wand And Lasso Tools
Aligning Manually And With The Align Panel
Using Smart Guides
Sample Videos from Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Defining The Test Site
Applying Paragraph And Character Styles
Ordered Unordered & Definition Lists
Adding Images To A New Web Page
Controlling Images With The Properties Panel
Creating A Link With A Graphic
Linking Web Sites
Redefining HTML Tags
Creating A Web Page With Divs
Working In Code View
Adding & Formatting Text Fields
Creating A Unique Rollover
Displaying Information With Show Hide
Working With FLV Files
Working With The Assets Panel
Creating A Library Item
Editing A Library Item
Using The Search Panel
Working With Regular Expressions
Sample Videos from Adobe Flash CS5
The Flash Timeline
Working With Color
Using Predefined Shape Tools
Working With Gradients
Working With Graphic Symbols
Working With Fonts, Colors & Size
Building A Frame-By-Frame Animation
Morphing Object With Shape Tweening
Animating A Flash Mask
Flash TV - Lesson 3
Working With Effects And Motion - Lesson 2
Using Flash To Access Web Sites
Using Flash To Load External Images
Using Macintosh And Windows Projectors
Sample Videos from Adobe After Effects CS5
What You Will Learn
Animation - Lesson 1
Key Light
Spheres - Lesson 1
Spheres - Lesson 2
Bad TV
Wind Tunnel
Audio Effects - Lesson 1
Sample Videos from Adobe Premiere CS5
Ripple Edit Tool
Rolling Edit Tool
Rate Stretch Tool
Razor Tool
Transitions - Lesson 1
Color Correcting - Lesson 2
Mixing Music And Voice
Adjusting Volume
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Contents from Adobe Photoshop CS5
Introductions Are In Order
Say Hello To Andy
Andys Ten
Taking A Spin Around The Interface
The Macintosh Windows Connection
Photoshop And The Raster Format
Bit Depth And Image Information
Whats Coming Next

Getting Ready To Work
Chapter Intro
Getting Started
Setting Essential Preferences
Setting Color Preferences
Adjusting Menu Options
Setting Keyboard Shortcuts
Organizing Palettes Final
Saving Workspaces
Working With Screen Modes
What We Covered

Working With Photoshop Images
Chapter Intro
Opening A Graphic
Three's A Crowd
Adding File Information
Tiling And Scrolling
Using The Zoom Tool
The Navigation Palette
Using The Scroll Wheel To Zoom
Images Conclusion

The Amazing Bridge
Chapter Intro
The Amazing Bridge
Organizing Bridge Workspaces
Manipulating Thumbnails
Creating Favorites
Rotating Rating And Labels
Keywords And Collections
Working With Keywords
Manipulating Images
Viewing Images With The Loupe
Creating Metadata Templates
Quicktips Working With Stacks-Bridge
Quicktips Locating Forgotten Files-Bridge
Quicktips Using Photoshop Tools In Bridge
Quicktips Locating Potential Favorites

Cropping And Straightening
Chapter Intro
Working With The Cropping Tool Andrew
Generating A Non-Destructive Crop
Using Crop & Straighten
Using The Ruler Tool To Straighten An Image
Using The Crop Tool With Perspective
Cropping Conclusion

Chapter Intro
Selection 101
Softening Selections With Anti Aliasing
Working With The Marquee Tools
Working With Magic Wand And Quick Selection
Using Grow, Similar, And Inverse
Using Quick Selection Techniques
Using The Lasso Tools
Using Refine Edge
Saving Selections
Selection Conclusion

Working With Photoshop Text
Chapter Intro
Photoshop Text 101
When To Rasterize A Text Layer
Generating & Controlling Area Text
Using The Warp Text Option
Placing Text On A Vector Path
Generating Wire Text
Creating Folded Text
Beveled Text, With A Twist
Photoshop Text Conclusion

Working With Photoshop Brush Tools
Chapter Intro
Photoshop Brushes & Beyond
The Color Replacement Brush Tool
The Mixer Brush Tool
Creating Customized Brushes
The History Brush
Working With History Snapshots

Chapter Intro
The Amazing Layers Panel
Proper Layer Alignment
Organizing Layers Into Groups
Understanding Backgrounds And Layers
Working Through Layer Options
Layers And Stacking Order
Merging Layers
Creating A Non-Destructive Vignette
Layers Conclusion

Layer Opacity And Blend Modes
Chapter Intro
Blending Modes 101
Opacity Versus Fill
Normal Blending Modes
Darken Blending Modes
Lighten Blending Modes
Light Blending Modes
Invert Blending Modes
Color Blending Modes
Using Brush Tool Blending Modes
Blending Modes Conclusion

Working With Adjustment Layers
Chapter Intro
Basics Of Adjustment Layer
Controlling Image Quality
Working With Adjustment Layer Clipping Groups
Using Adjustment Layer Masks
Sharing Adjustment Layers
Using Gradients With Adjustment Layer Masks
Adjustment Levels Conclusion

Layer Styles
Chapter Intro
Layer Styles 101
Generating A Drop Shadow Layer Style
Creating A Layer Style Neon Sign
Working With Bevel And Emboss
Creating A Layer Style Glass Button
Saving Customized Layer Styles

Masks And Alpha Channels
Chapter Intro
Masking 101
Alpha Channels And Layer Masks
Working With Edge Detection
Using Masks For Exotic Borders
Using Gradients With Masks
Using Masks For Vignettes

Photoshop Filters
Chapter Intro
The Photoshop Filter Gallery
Working With Smart Layers
Artistic Filters & Fade Blending Mode
Blur Filters, Blending Modes, & Alpha Channels
Brush Stroke Filters & Custom Borders
Distort Filters, & Displacement Maps
Noise Filters, Photo Enhancement & Brush Metal
Pixelate Filters, & Custom Backgrounds
Render Filter, Artificial Fog, & Lens Flairs
Sharpen Filters & Layer Masks
Stylize Filters & Blending Modes
Texture Filters
Other Filter-Antiquing And Customized Filters

Image Size And Resolution
Chapter Intro
Resolution 101
Working With The Image Size Command
Defining Image Interpolation
Working With Resampling
The Ten Percent Rule

Replacing - Retouching - Editing
Chapter Intro
Controlling Red Eye
Replacing Image Color
Whitening Teeth
Using The Healing Brush Tool
Working With The Spot Healing Brush
Correcting Large Defects With The Patch Tool

Basic Color Theory
Chapter Intro
Photoshop Color Settings
Manual Monitor Calibration
Spyder Monitor Calibration
Creating A Neutral Workspace
Adjusting Color Using Color Balance
Fixing A Pesky Color Cast
Use Fade Image, And Adjustment Layers
Tinting With Hue & Saturation, And Layers
Controlling Colors With Hue & Saturation

Color Correction
Chapter Intro
Color Correction With A Grayscale Wedge
The Grayscale Trick Revealed
Manual Color Correction With Levels
A Peek At Color Correction With Curves
Color Correction By The Numbers
Color Correct Lesson Wrap Up

Chapter Intro
Working With Brightness & Contrast
Working With Luminance Blending
Working With Photoshop Auto Features
The Marvelous Histogram
Color Correction With Levels
A Peak At Using Curves
Working With Layer Comps
Using The Shadow Highlight Adjustment

Dodge And Burn
Chapter Intro
Working With Dodge And Burn
Applying Dodge, Burn, And Sponge
Advanced Dodge & Burn Techniques
Dodge & Burn Using A Gradient

Converting To Black And White
Chapter Intro
Converting Images To Grayscale
Grayscale Conversion Techniques
Dodge & Burn With Blending Modes
Aging An Image

Working With Camera Raw
Chapter Intro
Working Through Camera Raw Preferences
The Camera Raw Plugin
Determining Image White Point
Basic Camera Raw Image Adjustments
Image Sharpening & Noise Reduction
Dealing With Chromatic Aberrations
Applying Raw Settings To Multiple Images
Open Options In Camera Raw
Working With 16-Bit Raw Images In Photoshop
Understanding The DNG Format
Adjusting A Raw Image With Split Toning
Using The Amazing Raw Adjustment Brush
Controlling Exposure With The Graduated Filter
Aging An Image In The Raw Plug-In
Quicktips Removing Redeye In The Raw Plug-In
Quicktips Resetting Raw Preferences

Chapter Intro
Accessing Adjustment Layers
A Levels Primer
Correct Color And Tone
Working With Visible Clip Point
Working With Adjustment Layer Masks
Advanced Masking Techniques
Bringing Life To An Old Image
Levels Lesson Wrap Up

Working With Curves
Chapter Intro
Color Modes And Bit Depth
Understanding Curves
Basic Curves Color Adjustment
Basic Camera Raw Image Adjustments
Color Correction With Midtones
Adding Saturation With Lab Color
Adding Contrast And Applying A Mask

Actions And Batch Processing
Chapter Intro
Creating An Action
Applying An Action To An Image
Applying Actions To Multiple Images
Creating Droplets
Actions Wrap Up

Saving And Printing Photoshop Documents
Chapter Intro
Saving Photoshop Files Based On Intent
Soft Proofing A Photoshop Document
Using The Zoomify Command
Assigning A Profile To An Image
Saving Images For Monitor Display
Working With Save For Web & Devices
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Tuition Wrap Up
Contents from Adobe InDesign CS5
Who Am I?
A Quick Sampling Of Features
Finding Answers With Adobe Help
Having InDesign Resources At Your Fingertips

Workspace Basics
Setting Up Your Own Workspace
The Ins And Outs Of Preferences
Recovery And Undo

Setting Up New Documents
Opening And Saving Documents
Rulers And Setting Up Guides
Using Grids
Pages Panel Basics
Rotating Page View
Creating And Using Masters Pages
Setting Up Sections
Varying The Size Of Pages With The New Page Tool
The All New Layers Panel - Lesson 1
The All New Layers Panel - Lesson 2

Frames And Objects
Selecting Objects And Moving Objects
Transforming Objects And Content
Transforming With The Control Panel
Aligning And Distributing Objects
Copying, Pasting And Duplicating Objects
Creating And Working With Groups

Understanding Paths And Frames
Using The Pen Tool
Using The Rectangle And Ellipse Tools
Creating Polygons And Stars
Pathfinder And Compound Paths
Corner Options

The Basics Of Working With Text
Adding Or Placing Text
Using The Basics Of Find/Change
Check Spelling
Selecting And Editing Text

Character Formatting
Using The Character Panel - Lesson 1
Using The Character Panel - Lesson 2
A Look Under The Character Panel Options Menu
Creating Custom Underlines And Strikethroughs

Paragraph Formatting
Using The Paragraph Panel
Composing Type
The New Span And Split Columns Feature
Fun With Paragraph Rules
Formatting Bullets And Numbering

A Look At Other Type Options
Basic Tab Formatting
Creating A Fill-In-The-Blanks Form Using Tabs
Fun With Type On A Path
Using The Glyphs Panel
Inserting Special Characters - Lesson 1
Inserting Special Characters - Lesson 2
Inserting White Space
Inserting Break Characters
Text Frame Options

Creating And Using Paragraph Styles
Creating And Using Character Styles
Understanding Nested Styles
Creating And Using Line Styles
Using GREP Styles Without Being An Engineer
Using Next Style
Creating And Using Object Styles

Combining Text With Objects
Working With Anchored Objects
Text Wrap Basics
Taking Text Wrap Beyond The Basics

Using Long Document Features
Threading Text Frames Made Simple
Using Next And Previous Page In Continued Stories
Setting Up And Working With Books
Creating And Updating A Table Of Contents

Setting Up Tables
Creating Simple Tables
Editing And Customizing Tables - Lesson 1
Editing And Customizing Tables - Lesson 2

Adding Graphics
Understanding Graphics Formats
Placing Graphics
Fitting Graphics To Their Frames Automatically
Using The New Gap Tool
Managing Graphic Links
Creating And Using Snippets

Mixing Colors In The Color Panel
Creating Swatches And Tints
Working With Gradients
Understanding Process And Spot Colors
Making Much More Of Two Colors With Mixed Ink
More Swatches Panel Options

Effects Panel Basics
Adding Feather Effects
Working With Shadow Effects
Bevel, Emboss And More
Let's Get Glowing

Printing Documents in ID CS5
Preflight Your Layout
Package To Collect Your Files For Print Production

Making Layouts Interactive
Adding Simple Hyperlinks
Creating Buttons Will Take You Places
Making Objects Into Multi-State Objects
Animating Objects In Layouts

Acrobats For Print
Exporting For On-Screen And Interactive
Exporting To Other Formats

Course Conclusion
Where Do You Go From Here?
Contents from Adobe Illustrator CS5
Back To The Basics: Generating Geometric Shapes
Creating Rectangles
Working With Ellipses And Polygons
Tricks With Stars And Flares
Additional Geometric Shapes
Illustrator's Hidden Math Feature
QuickTip: Tricks With The Tilde Key
QuickTip: Creating Rounded Corners

Generating Fills, Strokes, Patterns, And Gradients
Working With The Illustrator Swatches Panel
Adding Solid-Color Fills To An Object
Cool Color With Kuler
Working With Illustrator Patterns
Creating Custom Patterns
Modifying Existing Patterns
Fun With Illustrator Strokes
Tricks With Illustrator Gradients
Adding Custom Colors To The Swatches Panel
Using Global Colors

Transforming An Illustrator Object
Transform With Rotate And Scale
Working With The Transform Panel
Understanding The Transform Each Command
Creating A Reflection
Using The Free Transform Tool

Working With The Layers Panel
The Illustrator Layers Panel
Organizing A Complex Project
Layer Options
Layer Panel Options
Copying Using The Layers Panel
Opacity And Blending Modes
Merging And Flattening Layers

Working With Adobe Illustrator Text
Creating A Type Container
Working With Point Type
Converting Objects To Type Containers
Creating Type On A Path
Utilizing The Character Panel
Formatting Text With The Paragraph Panel
Getting Efficient With With Styles
Working With Threaded Text

More On Text
The Magical Eyedropper Tool And Type
Placing Text On A Circle
Working With Tabs And Glyphs
Converting Type To Outlines

Working With Pen And Point
Pen Tool Fundamentals
Manipulating Pen Objects
Combining Paths To Create Objects
Creating A Mask

Working With Illustrators Pencil And Brush Tools
The Illustrator Pencil Tool
Using A Calligraphic Brush
Creating A Calligraphic Brush
The Amazing Symbol Sprayer Tool
Illustrator's Scatter Brush
Tricks With Illustrator Brushes

Find Your Own Path With Pathfinder
Unite And Minus Front
Intersect And Exclude
Divide And Trim
Merge And Crop
Outline And Minus Back

Getting Creative With Masks
Basics Of Clipping Masks
Clipping Masks And Text
Clipping Masks And Compound Paths
Opacity Masks And Gradients
More On Opacity Masks
QuickTip: Adjusting An Opacity Mask

Working With Warps, Envelopes, And Meshes
Working With The Width And Warp Tools
Twirl Pucker And Bloat Tools
Scallop Crystalize And Wrinkle Tools
The Envelope Distort Features
The Amazing Mesh Tool
Controlling A Mesh With Global Swatches
QuickTip: Fine Tuning The Width Tool

Getting Creative With Illustrator Effects
Setting Effects Options
Controlling And Moving Effects
Controlling Effects With The Appearance Panel
Converting Effects To Pixels
Svg Effects, And The Effects Gallery

Working With Graphic Styles
Graphic Styles
Applying Graphic Styles
Merging Graphic Styles
Creating Custom Graphic Styles
Saving Graphic Style Libraries

Moving Into The Third Dimension
Working With Extrude And Bevel
Generating Chrome Text
Working With Revolve
Creating A Revolve Bottle
Generating A D Ribbon
Using The Rotate Option

Adobe Illustrator And Animation
Frame-By-Frame Animation
Animation With The Blend Tool
Animations On A Path
Fading Text Animation
Pulsing Text Animation
Creating An Animated GIF

Working With Templates And Actions
Working With Illustrator Templates
Creating An Action
Saving Time With Batch Processing

Heading Out To The World Wide Web
Web Format Basics
Modifying Color For The Web
Slicing Images For Efficiency And Beyond
Creating A Navigation Bar
Moving From Illustrator To Flash

From Raster To Vector With The Amazing Live Trace
Working With Livetrace
Livetrace Features
Editing Livetrace Objects
Creating Custom Presets
Generating Custom Swatch Libraries
A Peek Into The Future

Live Paint, And The Shape Builder Tool
Working Through Live Paint
The Shape Builder Tool
Live Trace And Live Paint
Live Paint And Gap Detection
Working With Kuler Color
Modifying A Color Set Using Live Color

Illustrator Integration And Export Options
Saving An Illustrator Document
Converting Illustrator To Photoshop
Working With InDesign And The TIF Format
The Universal Portable Document File
Moving Beyond Illustrator With EPS

Printing, Exporting, And Saving Your Illustrator Artwork
Working With Bleeds
Text To Outlines, And Other Print Options
Working With Multiple Art Boards
Transparency Flattener Preset Options
Moving To Powerpoint And The WWW
Using Save And Save As
Contents from Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
Preparing And Planning A Web Site
Asking The Right Questions
Mapping Out The Project
Gathering The Materials

Getting Started With Dreamweaver
Viewing The Dreamweaver Window
Creating A Web Site
Creating A Web Document
Setting Properties & Tracing Images
Viewing Web Pages & Browser Lab
Saving Web Pages
Working With Help

Working With Text
Defining The Test Site
Adding Text To A Page
Using Paste Special
Text Selection Techniques
Character And Paragraph Styles Defined
Applying Paragraph And Character Styles
Ordered Unordered & Definition Lists
Finding & Replacing Text

Working With Images
Images In Dreamweaver
Setting Up The Work Site
Adding Images To A New Web Page
Optimizing Images Within Dreamweaver
Using External Editors
Creating A Rollover
Controlling Images With The Properties Panel
Opening PSD Images Directly In Dreamweaver

Creating Links
Creating A Link With A Graphic
Generating An Image Map
Creating An Email Link
Linking Web Sites
Linking Within A Single Web Document

Working With Cascading Style Sheets
Cascading Style Sheets Overview
Setting Up The Site
Redefining HTML Tags
Exploring CSS Categories
Creating Customized Rules
Modifying CSS Styles
Creating A Compound Style
The CSS Styles Panel

Working With External Cascading Style Sheets
Understanding External Style Sheets
Setting Up The Site
Creating An External Style Sheet
Modifying And External Style Sheet
Attaching & Removing External Style Sheets
Performing Global Changes
Adding External Style Sheets To A New Page
Putting The Cascade Into CSS

Page Layout With CSS
Working With Div Statements
Setting Up The Site
Experimenting With Div Statements
Creating A Web Page With Divs
Centering A Page In The Browser
Working With Backgrounds And Controlling Pages
Controlling Navigation With CSS
Working With Text And Images

Working With Frames
Understanding Frames
Setting Up The Site
Creating A Frameset
Creating Navigation With Javascript
Linking Frames To The Navigation
Creating A Scroll With A Frame & A Div
Working With The Noframe Option
Controlling Frames Within The Frameset

Dreamweaver And HTML
A Look At HTML
Setting Up The Site
Working In Code View
Using The Quick Tag Editor
The Tag Inspector Panel
Working With The Code Navigator

Working With Forms
Forms & Fields
Setting Up The Site
Creating A Form
Adding & Formatting Text Fields
Working With Menus & Lists
Adding A Text Area
Using Radio Buttons And Checkmarks
Accessing Files With The File Field Option
Adding A Submit Button
Organizing Form Data For The Viewer
Tying It All Together

Working With Dreamweaver Behaviors
Setting Up The Site
Adding Behaviors To An Image
Using The Fade And Grow - Shrink Behaviors
Swapping Images With Behaviors
Creating A Unique Rollover
Generating Rollover Buttons
Making A Double-Duty Rollover
Displaying Information With Show Hide

Working With Multimedia
Setting Up The Site
Creating A Favicon
Inserting A Flash Document
Working With Flash Properties
Working With FLV Files
Using Movie Files

Moving Your Site To The Server
Setting Up The FTP
Working With The Assets Panel
Using Design Notes
Using The Cloak Command

Working With Snippets And Libraries
Setting Up The Site
Creating A Snippet
Applying A Snippet
Editing A Snippet
Creating A Library Item
Editing A Library Item
Detaching And Recreating Library Items

Working With Dreamweaver Templates
Setting Up The Site
Creating A Template Page
Generating Editable Regions
Removing Editable Regions
Generating A Page From A Template
Editing A Template
Templates And The Assets Panel

Getting Ready For Primetime
Using The Search Panel
Working With Regular Expressions
Validating A Site
Checking For Browser Compatibility
Looking For Broken Links
Generating A Site Report
Cleaning Up The Code

Efficiency Through History, Workspaces, And Shortcuts
Setting Up The Site
Working With The History Panel
Saving History States As Commands
Creating Customized Workspaces
Saving Time

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
SEO Do's And Don'ts
Adding SEO To A Web Page
Course Conclusion
Contents from Adobe Flash CS5
Introduction To Flash
Chapter 1 Intro
Opening & Saving Flash Working Documents
Modifying Flash Preferences
Controlling Document Settings
Creating A Flash Project
Basics Of Flash Publishing
Quick Tip - Running The Animation Within Flash
Quick Tip - Customize Tools Panel

Working In The Flash Environment
Chapter 2 Intro
The Flash Timeline
Working With Layers
Controlling Layer Complexity With Folders
Working With Layer Preferences
Understanding Flash Scenes
Quick Tip - Utilizing Flash File Info
Quick Tip - Quick Access To Scenes

Working With Colors - Gradients And Shapes
Chapter 3 Intro
Working With Color
Using The Flash Deco Tool
The Line Drawing Tool
Understanding The Pencil Tool
Working With The Brush & Scatter Brush Tools
Using Predefined Shape Tools
Working With Gradients
Quick Tip - Changing Colors With The Eyedropper Tool
Quick Tip - Adding Strokes And Fills To Objects
Quick Tip - Controlling The Edges Of Objects

Working With The Flash Library
Chapter 4 Intro
Working With Flash Objects
Understanding The Flash Library
Working With Graphic Symbols
Using Movie Clips
Working With Flash Buttons
Generating Graphic Symbols
Creating A Movie Clip
Making A Simple Button
Working With External Libraries
Swapping Library Symbols
Quick Tip - Converting Strokes To Fills

Working Flash Text
Chapter 5 Intro
Classic Versus CS Text
Working In Classic Flash Text
Working With Fonts, Colors & Size
Tracking, Kerning And Leading
Spell Check & Find And Replace
Working With Rotation And Alignment
Embedding Fonts
Breaking Text Apart
Multiple Text Boxes
Quick Tip - Breaking And Reconnecting Column Text
Quick Tip - Working With Special Characters
Quick Tip - Formatting Columnar Text

Importing Graphics Into Flash
Chapter 6 Intro
Bitmap Versus Vector
Dragging And Dropping From An Application
Dragging And Dropping From The Desktop
Using The Flash Import Command
Editing Bitmap Images
Compressing Bitmap Images
Converting Bitmaps To Vector
Quick Tip - Setting Selection Preferences

Working With Flash Animation: Frame-By-Frame
Chapter 7 Intro
Building A Frame-By-Frame Animation
Modifying A Frame-By-Frame Animation
Working With Alignment And Distribution
Editing Tips

Working With Classic Tweening
Chapter 8 Intro
Understanding Classic Tweening
Setting Up The Document
Creating A Classic Tween
Rotating A Tween Object
Working With Gravity
Changing The Shape Of A Tween Shape
Using Guide Layers
Morphing Object With Shape Tweening
Working With Shape Hinting
Quick Tip - Working With Multiple Spans
Quick Tip - Fading With A Tween

Working In The Motion Tween Panel
Chapter 9 Intro
The Motion Editor Panel
Setting Up The Document
Creating A Frame-By-Frame Movie Clip
Simulating Ground Using A Gradient
Adding Mountains With A Motion Tween
Creating A Phone Pole
Adding Motion Tween Clouds
Quick Tip - Centering Objects Using Shortcuts
Quick Tip - Adding A Curve To A Motion Tween

Working With Masks
Chapter 10 Intro
Generating A Basic Mask
Animating A Flash Mask
Adding To The Animated Mask
Shape Changing A Mask
Working With Complex Masks
Adding Layers To An Existing Mask
Quick Tip - Adding Layers To A Mask

Working Audio In Flash
Chapter 11 Intro
Working With Audio
Adding Audio To A Slide Show
Creating A Stop Audio Button
Playing & Pausing Audio
Syncing Audio To The Timeline
Adding Audio To A Button
Using Audio Editor In Flash
Quick Tip - Controlling The Height Of A Timeline Layer

Working With Video In Flash
Chapter 12 Intro
Using The Flash Media Encoder
Adding Video To A Flash Document
Controlling Flash Video Properties
Customizing The Video Interface
Flash TV - Lesson 1
Flash TV - Lesson 2
Flash TV - Lesson 3

Working With Effects - Filters And Bones
Chapter 13 Intro
Working With Effects And Motion - Lesson 1
Working With Effects And Motion - Lesson 2
Working With Flash Filters - Lesson 1
Working With Flash Filters - Lesson 2
Understanding The Bone Tool - Lesson 1
Understanding The Bone Tool - Lesson 2
Quick Tip - Letting Your Users Control The Animation

Using Components And Snippets
Chapter 14 Intro
Using Flash To Access Web Sites
Controlling Movie Clips With Components
Modifying The Flash Cursor
Using Flash To Load External Images
Quick Tip - Whatever Happened To Behaviors

Publishing A Flash Movie
Chapter 15 Intro
Debugging And Publishing Basics
Bandwidth Profiler And Simulate Download
Working Through Publish Settings
Exporting To Other Formats
Exporting To The QuickTime Format
Using Macintosh And Windows Projectors
Saving Publish Settings
Quick Tip - The SWF History Log
Quick Tip - Setting Publish Settings

Contents from Adobe After Effects CS5
What You Will Learn

AE Quick Start - Lesson 1
File Import
Layers Timeline
Objects Timelines
Key Frames
Animation - Lesson 1
Animation - Lesson 2

AE Quick Start - Lesson 2
Render Queue
Tricks And Troubleshooting
Your Turn

Animating Text
Text Panel
Animation Preset
Path Animation
Importing Photoshop Files
Your Turn

Keying And Alpha Video
Getting Started
Key Light
Spill Choke
Color Range

Illustrator Import
Squash And Stretch

Effects - Lesson 1
Preset Effects
Applying Effects
Multiple Effects
Your Turn

Effects - Lesson 2
Blowing Stuff Up

Color And After Effects
Color Change
Adjustment Layer
Leave Color
Photo Filter

Painting In After Effects
Paint Basics
Paint Erase
Write On - Lesson 1
Write On - Lesson 2

After Effects Lab
Spheres - Lesson 1
Spheres - Lesson 2

Masks And Shape layers
Track Mattes - Lesson 1
Track Mattes - Lesson 2
Track Mattes - Lesson 3
Shape Layers

Working In D
D Layers
Camera Animate
Parent - Lesson 1
Parent - Lesson 2
Your Turn

After Effects Projects
Bad TV
Depth Of Field
3D Title
Realistic Fog

Playing With Particles
Blow Up
Wind Tunnel

Tracking With Mocha

Add Audio To After Effects
Audio Effects - Lesson 1
Audio Effects - Lesson 2

Using Expressions
Frame Blend
Time Remap

Integrating With Other Adobe Products
Flash To After Effects
ActionScript To After Effects
After Effects To SWF
After Effects To XFL
After Effects To Flash

Rendering: The End Game

Goodbye From the Tutor
Contents from Adobe Premiere CS5
Introduction To Premiere Pro CS5
Project Panel
Creating A New Project
Sequence Presets
Keyboard Shortcuts

New Features
Mercury Playback Engine
Native Tapeless Formats
Final Cut Pro/Avid Compatibility
Photoshop Compatibility
DSLR Video Compatibility

Bringing In Video Assets
Project Panel
Media Browser
Digital Clips
Using Bridge

Tool Bar
Selection Bar (Move Tool)
Track Select Tool
Ripple Edit Tool
Rolling Edit Tool
Rate Stretch Tool
Razor Tool
Slip Tool
Slide Tool
Pen Tool, Hand Tool & Zoom Tool

Managing Workspaces
Color Correction

Menu Bar
Title (Intro), Window, Help Menus

Editing Video
Transitions - Lesson 1
Transitions - Lesson 2
Building The Project; Stacking Multiple Tracks
Color Correcting Part
Color Correcting Part

Basic Theories
Audio Mixer
Compression Theory - Lesson 1
Compression Theory - Lesson 2
Audio Presets
Audio Effects
Mixing Music And Voice
Adjusting Volume

Static Titles
Rolling Credits
Title Styles
Title Templates
Custom Templates

Working With Photoshop
Importing Basics
Basic Image Preparation
Importing PSD Files
Importing Multiple Images For Time Lapse Animation
Adobe Bridge

Conversion Basics
DVD Authoring; Adobe Encore
h.264 And MPEG
Flash, Quicktime And Windows Media
Adobe Media Encoder

About The Tutor
About The Tutor
A professionally created, self-study video training course
Includes 65 hours of easy to follow Adobe CS5 Bundle video tutorials presented by an industry expert.
The training is delivered to your desktop allowing you to learn at a time that suits you and at your own pace.
You can start learning online right away. Sample Adobe CS5 Bundle tutorial videos by clicking a blue link below:
  • Tutor: Andy Anderson
  • Duration: 65 hours
  • Video lessons: 955
  • Product code: 01627
  • In stock: YES
Learn this powerful suite of applications and start to get the most out of their ground breaking features with the help of this Adobe CS5 tutorial video bundle.

Presented by expert tutor Andy Anderson, he uses step-by-step video training movies to help demonstrate and explain the tools, the features and some great recommended workflow techniques for Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, Premiere and After Effects CS5.

This value bundle course includes over 68 hours of professionally created video training that will help you create and edit graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator, manage and enhance your video using Premiere and After Effects CS5, learn to create interactive websites using Flash and Dreamweaver CS5, create professional layout using InDesign CS5 and so much more.

The same files that the tutor is demonstrating on are also included so you can work along with the trainer. You can start learning right away, click any of the blue linked lessons below to sample FREE Adobe CS5 video tutorials and see how effective this training method really is...
What Our Customers Are Saying

"We have purchased 11 of these training CDs to date. Their structure and content have improved our technical skills at our own pace. We've extracted ourselves from many a production problem by referring back to the relevant CD."Ian Walsh, Slide FX Ltd, Ireland
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The DVD and Download options include the same training contents and both priced as below:
Once purchased, you will receive 955 Adobe CS5 Bundle training videos (listed left), lasting a total of 65 hours and the working files.

Delivery Details
Download Course downloadable when payment processed (within one hour average)

CD/DVDs No shipping charges. Please allow 2-3 days for UK, Europe, US & Canada. 3-5 days rest of world.
All DVD courses have a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your course contact us within 30 days of purchase for a refund.
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Need to Train Multiple Users?
This Adobe CS5 Bundle course is available in multi-user format ideal for corporate users, schools and universities.

The course loads directly onto your server and delivered to multiple users over your network.

An unlimited number of users can access the training with a pre-determined number viewing the tuition at any one time.

Training Multiple Users

Load onto your server
Deliver on your network or existing learning management system

For companies and educational establishments wanting multi user access to training resources, we offer this Adobe CS5 Bundle course to do just that.
Now you can integrate training or technical support within your own computer network, or allow employees or students to gain access to training and support from home or any other location that they can gain access to your organizations network.

The courses can be played over a LAN using a standard browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Safari or Firefox.
The movies are viewed using Adobe Flash (same method as YouTube) and are slightly compressed in order to not clog the network.
All advanced and the "for dummies" courses are available via this multi user solution and can be copied directly to a hard disk for faster access and the access page may be customized, if needed, using a html editor.

More than one title can exist on your server and the supplied player will automatically show titles that are available.
Simply purchase more user licences (supplied as files) and drop them into the folder. This will automatically increase the number of users allowed onto the system. All purchases are backed up by excellent after-sales support team and easy to follow instruction manual.
You can order multi user online or speak to our knowledgeable sales team.
(Per 10 user concurrent licence)
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Prove Your Capabilities
Once a course is completed you can download a free certificate.

This certifies that you have started from the beginners level, have now viewed all instruction. The certificate advises you now possess essential skills and an in-depth knowledge of Adobe CS5 Bundle. Show your boss or potential employer!
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A recent customer speaks out...
"I have been recently been using your Photoshop training to demonstrate techniques to my students. I've been trying to persuade them to purchase it themselves, as I believe it to be an excellent training tool, and the best instructional CD on this subject to date by far! Not only is it easy to follow and presented clearly, but it is also a bargain."Joe Doyle Vista Community College, Berkeley, CA