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Computer Training Since 1993
Our Company
Marrutt Software Training have been providing video training courses for the most popular computer applications since 1993, our first years were spent providing computer training via VHS video!

The training courses offered are created and presented by industry professionals giving you the re-assurance that what you learn will benefit you and your organization.

We ship training CDs carriage FREE worldwide and have a library of over one thousand courses of industry leading computer applications.

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To help you evaluate the training CDs we you can view the first 3 chapters of every title.
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Our Product
Software Training Courses

These training tutorials are used by a large number of well respected organizations including Adobe Systems (Europe) Ltd, Ford Motor Co Ltd, HSBC, Samsung, AT&T, BBC, Setanta Sports, IKEA, UEFA, Ministry of Defence, Pitney Bowes and nearly all the universities and colleges in the UK & US.

These training products allow their employees to learn software applications quickly and effectively. Reasons why these organizations choose to use out training products include:

  • High quality video Movies by expert tutors
  • Simple to understand and follow
  • Learn from your own computer
  • All titles are on single or double CD Rom / DVD
  • Average length of course is 8 hours
  • Stop, fast-forward and rewind - Learn at your own pace
  • Dual format - Work on Both MAC and PC

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